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Do you train with Hung Ga Iron or Brass Rings?

Hung Ga Iron or Brass Rings?

One of the things that drew me many years ago to Hung Ga was the use of Iron Rings.

Because of my attraction to the idea of training with the Ring, I searched for posts and literature on them.  I have read many documents and posts about why people think they are a valuable training tool and also why many people think that they are pointless or have been superseded by modern tools.

Even between the two lineages of Hung Ga Kyun in which I have trained my two different Sifu’s have had different views as to which forms you are allowed to use them to train with. Continue reading


“Tiger and Crane Double Form Set”: Wong Fei Hung’s Best of Southern Fist

"Tiger and Crane Double Form Set": Wong Fei Hung's Best of Southern Fist

Fu Hok Seung Ying Kyun is one of the methods of our martial arts style. This set was created by the late Grand Master Wong Fei Hung. When he was a child, he made an itinerant living as a street performer together with his father, Great Grand Master [Wong Kei Ying].

In his prime, we worked as a coach of Lau’s and Ng’s army. He became very famous and has met many other excellent Masters. He picked up the the essential techniques of various famous styles, has mastered them through a comprehensive study,  transformed them and created Fu Hok Seung Ying Kyun.”

The paragraph above comes from the Wong Man Kai’s “Informal Discussion about the Tiger and Crane Double Form Set”, published in Lam Sai Wing’s Memorial book (full English translation available HERE).

Wong continues: Continue reading


Hung Ga Kyun Ground Fighting: “Scissor Kick”

Hung Ga Scissor KickQuestion: “Hung Ga Scissor Kick” – Sifu, how does it look like?

In what Hung Ga set can I find it?

What is the proper Chinese name?

Can you please show how is it used?

Thank you!

Grzegorz M.

Answer: “Scissor Leg Technique” (Gau Jin Teui Faat) is one our “Special Skills” (Jyut Gei). Apart from relatively recently composed set called “Butterfly Palms” (Wu Dip Jeung, which by the way isn’t part of our curriculum), you will not find it in any of the commonly taught Hung Ga Kyun sets.

Interestingly, not all techniques were transmitted via set training – many of the special patterns or combinations were taught as individual techniques. “Scissor Leg Technique” (Gau Jin Teui Faat), also called “Golden Coin Falls to the Ground” (Gam Chin Lok Dei), is one of them. Continue reading


“Iron Bridges, Steel Moustache”: Join our Movember Team and Win an Ebook of Your Choice!

Practical Hung Kyun Movember 2013Practical Hung Kyun philosophy is simple and direct: we practice martial arts for good health/strength, self-protection and personal development.

Stand with us as we fight the good fight. Grow a moustache, join the ranks of our army of strong and healthy warriors and help us to change the face of men’s health!

What is Movember? Continue reading


Hung Ga Insider Discussion Forum: “Closed Door” Members Only

Hung Ga Insider Discussion Forum

Check out a premium feature on our Practical Hung Kyun website: “Closed Door” Hung Ga Insider Discussion Forum, for registered users only.

Time limited free registration – opened now! 

Hung Ga Insider Forum was founded as a non-political community platform – place where all the Hung Ga Kyun practitioners from every school, branch and lineage can come together and exchange their information and ideas on all aspects of our beloved art!

Please follow few simple rules:

  • Martial virtues (Mou Dak)
  • No politics
  • No vulgar comments, trolling, spamming, flamewars

Enter the Chamber, become one of the Hung Ga Insiders and discuss, share, ask, and learnfor true Hung Ga Kyun and Southern Chinese martial arts fans only!


How to Get Stronger? Interview with Pavel Tsatsouline, StrongFirst Chief Instructor

Interview with Pavel Tsatsouline, StrongFirstHow to get stronger?

What should the beginners focus on?

How about advanced students?

Check out a short interview I have conducted with my Master of strength, Pavel Tsatsouline, StrongFirst Chief instructor.

Listen carefully to his answers, and apply them not only to your strength training, but martial arts training as well.  Continue reading


Leung Sifu and Hung Ga “Iron Wire Set” (Rare Article to Download)

Lau Family Hung Ga Kyun

Download a vintage article about the history of “Iron Wire Set” (Tit Sin Kyun) and Hung Ga Kyun training in general – a sample of our highly appreciated special collection of Hung Ga articles from the legendary 1970s’ Real Kung Fu magazine.

Leung Hon Gwong is one of the senior disciples of Grand Master Lau Jaam (Lau Jaam was Lam Sai Wing’s student and father of the late Grand Master Lau Kar-Leung).

You will find out some interesting info about Hung Kyun training, for fighting, as well as good health (I specially like the part about “launching  direct attack with great forcefulness”). Continue reading


Hung Ga Kyun’s “Three Stars Conditioning”: 12 Practical Tips

“Three Stars Hitting” or “Three Stars Conditioning” (Da Saam Sing) is one of the most commonly practiced drills in Southern Chinese martial arts.

Do you practice “Three Stars”?

Why and how?

Do you practice it correctly, with a specific aim?

Check out 12 tips and fine points of Da Saam Sing from our Practical Hung Kyun training methodology!

Hung Ga Kyun Three Stars Hitting (Da Saam Sing)

Continue reading