Practical Hung Kyun uses a combination of 4 main types of offensive techniques:

  • Kicks (Tek): Front kicks, side kicks, stomping kicks, sweeping kicks, knee kicks etc.
  • Strikes (Da): Fist, palm, edge of the palm, fingers, forearms, elbows etc.
  • Takedowns (Seut): Sweeps and throws etc.
  • Submissions (Na): Holds, joint-locks, vital point’s attacks etc.

So called “Individual Techniques and Combinations”, ie. “Drills” (Saan Sik) are practiced:

  • on the spot
  • on the spot with turning
  • with steps
  • as a “shadow boxing“ drills without equipment
  • as part of “Strengthening and Conditioning” (Lin Gung): on focus mitts/kicking pads, on heavy bags, on wall bags

The same techniques are at the same practiced with a partner as “Application Drills” (Saan Sau).

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