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“Old Hung Ga Kyun” vs. “New Hung Ga Kyun”

Old Hung Ga KyunQuestion: “Old Hung Kyun”, also called “Village Hung Kyun”, vs. today’s most widely spread lineage of Grand Master Wong Fei Hung.

Can you please summarizes their brief history, connections, development and techniques of the “Old Hung Ga” and “Modern Hung Ga”?

Answer: This month’s Hung Kyun question wasn’t raised by a single individual, but actually by many of you. I have received many quests regarding the “Old Hung Kyun” as a response to our regular Practical Hung Kyun Newsletter, on Facebook, as well as various discussion forums.

Please check out the brief analysis and comparison between old and new Hung Ga Kyun, their connections, development, techniques and fighting strategy below! Continue reading


Must Read: Authentic Lama Pai Kung Fu – the Teaching of the Late Chan Tai San

Authentic Lama Pai Kung Fu - the Teaching of the Late Chan Tai SanOur Practical Hung Kyun training philosophy has many different influences, no surprise, not all of them are Hung Ga Kyun.

In this post i would like to give credit to one of our brother arts, three Davids, and recommend an excellent book which just have been published. On the shoulders of giants, indeed….

My Si Hing Michael Goodwin from San Francisco told me long time ago: “If you want to understand our Long Bridges techniques, you have to study some Tibetan White Crane, Lama Paai or Hap Ga”. When my Si Hing says something, I take notes – I followed his advice and have tried to find as much information about these so called Tibetan styles as possible. Continue reading


Practical Hung Kyun Kicking Drill (Video + Tutorial)

Hung Ga Kyun Kicks“Old Hung Kyun” did not have any kicks at all – one of the traditional sayings even goes “Kick misses 9 times of 10.

Wong Fei Hung obviously thought differently, and has included few reliable kicking techniques from various systems. His “No Shadow Kick” skill was well feared among the fighters in Southern China.

We have recently posted a short video of one of the kicking drills from our Practical Hung Kyun curriculum. Although it looks simple, it features few very important principles and concepts.

See the video below and read a short tutorial, which shows our PHK methodology and approach.  Continue reading


Fiction or Truth? Chinese Martial Arts, MMA and „Power of Less“

Hung Ga Kyun, Wing Chun, MMA

Hung Ga vs. Wing Chun!

Ready….. FIGHT! 

Check out a short video from a successful martial arts movie The Grandmaster. Of course, just a a movie, BUT – in every Gung Fu movie there is a grain of truth.

Watch the video and read our commentary below! Continue reading


Hung Ga Kyun Concepts: “Four Arrivals”, Part 4 – “Feet”

Hung Ga Kyun Concepts: “Four Arrivals”, Part 4 – “Feet”

Hung Ga’s “Four Secret Arrivals”, as transmitted by the late Grand Master Lam Sai Wing. Final number four, i.e. “Feet Arrival” (Geuk Dou).

 As we saw in the 3rd installment, the third “Arrival” were “Hands” (Sau Dou). At first I thought – maybe the order is wrong: I should first step to be close enough to hit him, and then hit him. But then it hit me (pun intended) – no… not really!

Of course the Juk Dou is about correct distance, but the order of the “Four Arrivals” (Sei Dou) IS significant. Continue reading


Video: Practical Hung Kyun Wrestling Techniques (Seut Faat)

Hung Ga Kyun Wrestling/Takedowns

Hung Ga Kyun’s “Taming the Tiger in Gung Pattern Set” (Gung Ji Fuk Fu Kyun) contains many useful wrestling/counter-wrestling techniques, such as “Iron Broom Kick” (Tit Sou Ba Geuk) “(Three Stars) Hook and Spring Kick” ([Saam Sing] Kau Taan Geuk), both “Big and Small Hook and Spring” (Daai Siu Kau Taan) “Unicorn Steps Footwork” (Jau Kei Leun Bou), “Bring the Horse Back to the Stable”/”Hungry Horse Rings the Bell” (Dai Ma Gwai Chou/Ngo Ma Yiu Ling) etc.

Check out some samples of the “Wrestling/Takedown Techniques” (Seut Faat) drills from our Practical Hung Kyun curriculum. Continue reading