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Generative and Destructive Cycle of Hung Ga Kyun’s Five Elements

Hung Ga Five ElementsTraditional Chinese cosmology as well as systems like (modern) Xing Yi Quan have simple but profound theory of “Mutual Generation” as well as “Mutual Destruction” of “Five Elements”:

“Mutual Generation” (Seung Saang) sequence = Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water

“Mutual Conquest” (Seung Sing)/”Mutual Overcoming” (Seung Hak) sequence = Wood, Earth, Water, Fire, Metal.

The order of the Elements in Ng Hang Kyun part “Ten Forms Set” (Sap Ying Kyun) follows neither of these cycles. The question is: How is it with “Five Elements” (Ng Hang) of Hung Kyun? Continue reading


“Three Treasures”, Three Hints: When You Enter the Gate, You Must…

Lo Hon Fuk Fu: Arhat Taming the TigerHung Kyun Saam Bou, “Three Treasures of Hung Kyun”: „Taming of the Tiger in Gung Pattern“ (Gung Ji Fuk Fu Kyun), „Tiger and Crane Double Form“ (Fu Hok Seung Ying) and „Iron Thread Set“ (Tit Sin Kyun).

Core sets of modern Hung Ga, “Seeds” of the whole system.

Why are they so important? We will examine them closely, one by one, and give you 3 special hints, based on the wisdom of the old Grand Masters.

Here is the first hint: . Continue reading


New Ebook Release – Real Hung Kyun!

 Hung Ga Kyun Fans, Researchers, Practitioners and Masters!

Would you like to learn more about Real Kung Fu? Real Hung Kyun?

New ebook release: Real Hung KyunCurious to learn more about various Hung Ga Kyun lineages, both famous and rare?

Interested in the Hung Ga legends, stories and biographies of old Grand Masters?

Eager to find out more about Hung Kyun sets, techniques, weapons and applications?

Hungry to get the valuable and rare information from one of the few reliable sources – Masters from the Mecca of Traditional Chinese martial arts, Hong Kong?

Ready to discover the secrets from the times of of Chinese Kung Fu renaissance, full contact tournaments, Kung Fu movies craze of 1970’s? Continue reading


Hung Kyun FAQ

Hung Kyun Frequently Asked Questions “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Hung Ga Kyun (But Were Afraid to Ask… Or Didn’t Get a Satisfactory Answer)”.

First of all, we would like to thank all the Hung Ga Kyun friends, practitioners, masters and fans – we are happy that you like our work, webpage as well as our special Practical Hung Kyun Newsletter.

We have been receiving a lot of emails, Facebook and Twitter messages with various questions concerning Hung Ga Kyun lately, most of them very interesting. Continue reading


Incredible Discovery: A Photo of Real Wong Fei Hung!

Wong Fei Hung PhotoGrand Master Wong Fei Hung – the founder of “New Hung Kyun” (San Hung Kyun), the Man, the Legend.

Many questions and rumours surround the late Grand Master Wong: Did he really learn from Luk A Choi as a boy?

Did he fight with Leung Jaan or Chan Wa Seun of Wing Cheun clan?

One and same question however bothers generations of Hung Ga practioners and movie fans for years most – how did real Wong Fei Hung look like? Is there any surviving photo of the legendary Grand Master?

Practical Hung Kyun research will finally answer this question for once and all! Continue reading


5 Aspects of Reality Based Self-Defense: Speed, Accuracy, Power, Hardness and Ruthlessness!

Our Practical Hung Kyun self-defense game plan goes like this: Learn to recognize the threat and whenever possible, avoid, escape or verbaly de-escalate. That is 99% of all self-defence and yes, it has to be learned and trained.

If this is not an option, don’t wait for the other guy to attack first and strike pre-emptively – fast, accurately, with power, hard and without holding back, as the Chinese masters say, Faai, Jeun, Ging, Ngaang, Han! Fighting is definitely not just about the techniques.

Practical Hung Kyun: 5 Aspects of Self-Defence Continue reading


White Crane, Wing Cheun and Hung Ga Kyun

White Crane, Wing Cheun and Hung Ga Kyun2004 was one of my best training visits of Hong Kong and China. I have been living in my Sifu’s house in Shenzhen for couple of months and we have been really busy, training very hard.

Every morning we woke up at 6 o’clock AM and went to the park to practice the precious “Iron Thread Set” (Tit Sin Kyun) – every single day, for more than two hours.

After the practice we went to the neighbouring street restaurant for a bowl of rice porridge with eggs or fish and hot tofu milk. Discussing the origins of the “Iron Thread”, one of the “Three Treasures” of Hung Ga Kyun, my Sifu told me an old legend, handed down from the masters of previous generations to Grandmaster Lam Saiwing and his father, Grand Master Lam Jou. Continue reading