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Hung Ga Weapon Sparring and Fencing

Hung Ga Weapon Sparring and Fencing

Q: Sifu, I have noticed that your Hung Ga school is also training weapon sparring. Can you post some videos of your Practical Hung Kyun’s weapon sparring, and maybe few tips, too?

Arno K.

A: As for weapons training, our school doesn’t train only sets or sparring sets, but also sparring drills and free fencing. Two fundamental weapons of our Practical Hung Kyun curriculum with specific sparring program are long pole and saber (adapted to short stick/baton). Continue reading


Hung Ga Kyun’s “Three Stars Conditioning”: 12 Practical Tips

“Three Stars Hitting” or “Three Stars Conditioning” (Da Saam Sing) is one of the most commonly practiced drills in Southern Chinese martial arts.

Do you practice “Three Stars”?

Why and how?

Do you practice it correctly, with a specific aim?

Check out 12 tips and fine points of Da Saam Sing from our Practical Hung Kyun training methodology!

Hung Ga Kyun Three Stars Hitting (Da Saam Sing)

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