Hung Ga Kyun Ground Fighting: “Scissor Kick”

Hung Ga Scissor KickQuestion: “Hung Ga Scissor Kick” – Sifu, how does it look like?

In what Hung Ga set can I find it?

What is the proper Chinese name?

Can you please show how is it used?

Thank you!

Grzegorz M.

Answer: “Scissor Leg Technique” (Gau Jin Teui Faat) is one our “Special Skills” (Jyut Gei). Apart from relatively recently composed set called “Butterfly Palms” (Wu Dip Jeung, which by the way isn’t part of our curriculum), you will not find it in any of the commonly taught Hung Ga Kyun sets.

Interestingly, not all techniques were transmitted via set training – many of the special patterns or combinations were taught as individual techniques. “Scissor Leg Technique” (Gau Jin Teui Faat), also called “Golden Coin Falls to the Ground” (Gam Chin Lok Dei), is one of them.

In Practical Hung Kyun, we teach it as a part of our Core Combative Curriculum, as well during our Practical Hung Kyun Intensive Training Courses.

One of the common ways of using it i below on the video: 

“Scissor Kick Method” is one of the important techniques of our Practical Hung Kyun Anti-Grappling: Counter MMA for the Street Course. The variation shown on the video is a part of a series of drills which deal with following situation: you are on the ground, your opponent is standing.

However, “Scissor Kick Method” is very versatile, and it can be used in many other situations, ie. as one of the headlock counters, sweep from the guard, i.e. when both you and your opponent are on the ground. (Important note: don’t forget to get up, immediately!)

So or so, learn the basics first! We cover fundamental Hung Kyun kicks in a great detail in out PHK Intro Kit:  footwork, setup, “Shadow Hand”, safe exit, counter, combinations, & usage in sparring and self-defense. Check it out HERE!

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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Don’t hesitate and feel free to ask Pavel Macek Sifu anything that you would like to know or anything that you struggle with in your martial arts training!

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