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Stance Training (Jaat Ma): Strengthening of the Legs?

Stance Training (Jaat Ma): Strengthening of the Legs? Most beginners have troubles to hold correct “Four Level Stance” (Sei Ping Ma) even for 30 seconds or minute. Is it so because their legs are weak? Might be so. However, some beginners can hold 5 minutes in their Sei Ping Ma on the first occasion they try it (for example ladies) – and they are not necessarily stronger than others.

Let’s raise couple of questions: What is the main aim of the stance training? Strengthening the legs? Test of will? Punishement? Old masters were wiser than that. Old saying goes: “Before you start to train martial art, learn first the stance training” (Mei Lin Kyun, Sin Hok Jaat Ma). Why is the “Stance Trianing” so important? Or – is it important?

One more question – do your knees or lower back hurt in your stance training? “Work harder” is the common answer. Ok, but we at Practical Hung Kyun prefer to work smart.
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Secret of the “Shadowless Kick” (Mou Ying Geuk)

Shadowless Kick/No Shadow KickShadowless Kick (Mou Ying Geuk): Feared, well guarded and often misunderstood “Secret Technique” (Bei Kyut) of Hung Kyun. It isn’t a fancy kicking skill to impress audience, on the contrary – it is invisible, pro-active practical fighting skill. As we say in Practical Hung Kyun: In other arts, beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but in martial arts, the only judgement is whether or not it works. Continue reading