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Hung Ga’s Twelve Bridges Explained in Twelve Lines (Practical, Plain & Simple)

Hung Ga Kyun Twelve Bridges

Question:  Sifu Macek, can you please briefly explain the “Twelve Bridge Hands” of Hung Ga Kuen? As your school is called Practical Hung Kyun, I would appreciate some practical examples of how to use the “Twelve Bridges” in training or a real fight.

Jorge C.

Answer: First two Bridges – Hard, Soft (Gong, Yau) and the last two Bridges – Control, Adapt (Jai, Ding) are a general Yam/Yeung (Yin/Yang) framework of the remaining eight. We at Practical Hung Kyun want to end up the confrontation as fast as possible, using hard power and total control. If we meet a stronger opponent, we use soft power and adapt to the opponent’s action.

I took your question as a challenge, and tried to explain the “Twelve Bridge Hands” of Hung Ga in twelve lines/paragraphs. Continue reading


Wong Fei Hung (Chinese Documentary with English Subtitles)

Wong Fei Hung (Chinese Documentary with English Subtitles)

Wong Fei Hung documentary from a Hong Kong TV – check it out!

Various Hung Kyun Masters, such as Lam Chun Fai, Li Chan Wo, and Lee Yun Fook, speak about legendary hero of our system, Grand Master Wong Fei Hung.

You will learn about the secrets of the “No Shadow Kick”, Wong Fei Hung’s long pole and flying dart skills, his disicples, lion dance and more!

Please see the whole documentary (with English subtitles!) below: Continue reading


Hung Ga, Wing Chun and the Mystery of Half Point

Hung Ga & Wing Chun Six and Half Point Long Pole

“Six and Half Point Long Pole” (Luk Dim Bun Gwan) is one of the most famous weapon techniques of Southern Chinese martial arts. It is practiced both in “old Wing Chun ” and  modern (Fat Saan) Wing Chun.

“Six and Half Point” was also a part of Lam Sai Wing’s Hung Ga Kyun curriculum. Grand Master Lam Jou writtes:

My uncle, Lam Sai Wing, added “Six and Half Pole” Techniques to this. The “Six and Half Pole” techniques were famous among the Chinese opera groups. These techniques originated from the Siu Lam monastery and then spread among the Chinese opera groups.

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Hung Ga Grand Master Chiu Wai: “Double Chain Whip”, “Ten Forms”, “Tiger and Crane Double Form” (Rare Video)

Hung Gar kuen Video: Grand Master Chiu Wai - "Double Chain Whip", "Ten Forms", "Tiger and Crane"

Rare Hung Ga videos from early 1980’s: Grandmaster Chiu Wai performs “Plum Flower Double Chain Whip” (Mui Fa Seung Yun Bin), “Ten Forms Set” (Sap Ying Kyun) and famous “Tiger and Crane Double Form Set” (Fu Hok Seung Ying Kyun).

Special thanks to Douglas Elmes for uploading the videos, and Charris van’t Slot Sifu for head ups.

Please see the rare videos below: 

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You Have NEVER Seen a Kung Fu Movie Like This, Guaranteed! (!!!)

Dragon Lives Again - Bruce LeeOK, off-topic, sorry. I still can’t believe my eyes.

Bruce Lee goes to the underworld. He is forced to fight 007 James Bond, Clint Eastwood, The Godfather, the Priest from the Exorcist, Dracula and even Emanuele (!). 

Bruce Lee teams up with The One-Armed Swordsman, Caine from TV’s Kung Fu, and Popeye The Sailor Man. 

Please see the trailer and full movie below! Continue reading


Practical Hung Kyun Knife Self-Defense (Video + Tutorial)

Practical Hung Kyun Knife Defense

Knife attack is definitely one of the most dangerous situation you could get in.

Although the knife defense belongs to the most difficult self-protection skills, we have decided to move it to the beginner levels (2nd Kap), for various reasons.

First, our students might need it tomorrow – the aggressor doesn’t care it is an advanced skill set.

Second, the basic game plan and hold (“two on one”, se bellow) is fully compatible with our strength exercises (Lin Gung) with the long pole that we teach at 2nd Kap, as well as special variation of Kiu Sau conditioning we do, so called Gang Sau. Even if the student won’t specialize in long pole fencing, he will still understand and reap the benefits of long pole Lin Gung training. Continue reading