Hung Ga Kyun’s Wooden Dummy: Grand Master Chan Hon Chung [Rare Video]

Hung Ga Kyun's Wooden Dummy: Grand Master Chan Hon Chung

Does Hung Ga Kyun have a Wooden Dummy (Muk Yan Jong)? The answer is – it depends.

We have already revealed a traditional Hung Ga Kyun Wooden Dummy in one of our previous articles… kind of, so our regular readers already know.

Let us expand the answer: If a Hung Ga practitioner uses whatever Wooden Dummy, it becomes Hung Kyun Muk Yan Jong. Folks, it is a tool, and if used correctly, it might be very useful tool, not only to condition your palms, fists, and “Bridge Hands” (Kiu Sau).

Hung Ga Kyun Wooden Dummy

Above are pictures of supposedly “traditional” Hung Ga Kyun Wooden Dummies. The one on the left comes from Laung Daat’s Extraordinary Book of Tiger Crane School’s Complete Skills
(Fu Hok Mun Chyun Gung Bit Kap) which – as many of you already know – is not a very reliable source of information. The one on the right was sold few years ago by various Chinese websites, – again, supposedly traditional Hung Kyun Dummy, and again, not reliable info.

Never mind! Check out a super rare video of one of the most famous Hung Ga Grand Masters of the 20th century, legendary Chan Hon Chung, showing his skills on a common type of wooden dummy.

Is it a set, like Wing Chun has? Probably not.

Does it look cool? Hell yes.

If it is useful, adopt it. “Traditional” old Grand Masters obviously did, so be traditional and use modern punching bags, focus mitts, Thai pads, or boxing gloves, just as we do in our PHK Intro Kit: Beginner’s Guide to Chinese Martial Arts

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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