Ten Tigers of Gwong Dung

“Ten Tigers of Gwong Dung” (Gwong Dung Sap Fu) - a snapshot form an old Hong Kong movie“Ten Tigers of Gwong Dung” (Gwong Dung Sap Fu) were the best fighter of Southern China in the late period of the Ching dynasty, who studied under the Southern Siulam masters or their students. Even though there could be some relations in between some of them, the organized groups of the “Ten Tigers” is a fiction created by the Hong Kong pulp fiction writters and the movie industry.

It is similar with the “Ten Tigers of Gwongdung” as with the “Seven Sages” of ancient Greece – names and characteristics of each of them are often different. Let us present at least the most known ten of the masters:

  1. Leung Kwan alias “Iron Bridge Three” (Tit Kiu” Saam).Ten Tigers of Gwong Dung (Gwong Dung Sap Fu)
  2. Wong Yan Lam, disciple of Tibetan monk Sing Lung, master of the Tibetan style “Lion’s Roar” (Si Ji Haau), root of many famous Gung Fu styles of Southern China, e.g. Lama School (Lama Paai), White Crane (Baak Hok Paai) and Hero’s Style (Hap Ga Kyun).
  3. “Beggar” Sou (Sou “Hatyi”), a Hung Kyun master, in the movies often shown as “Drunken Style” (Jeui Kyun) Master.
  4. Wong Ching Ho, master of “Nine Dragon Fist” (Gau Lung Kyun).
  5. “Iron Finger” Chan (“Tit ji” Chan), expert of the “Gam Gong Finger Skill ” (Gam Gong Tit Ji Faat).
  6. Jau Taai, ”Eight Diagram Long pole” (Baat Gwa Gwan) specialist.
  7. Taam Jai Gwan, Master of Taam Family “Three Extensions” (Taam Ga Saam Jin).
  8. “Black tiger” Sou (Sou “Hak fu“), master of the black tiger style (Hak Fu Mun).
  9. Wong Kei Ying, Hung Kyun master, father of WongFei  Hung.
  10. Lai Yan Chiu, “Seven Stars Fist” (Chat Sing Kyun) expert.

Some authors (like Chan Ging aka Ngo Si Saan Yan in his novel Two Tigers of Martial World) consider Wong Fei Hung as on of the “Ten Tigers”, other sources (eg. Lam Sai Wing’s disciple Jyu Yu Jai) state that Wong Fei Hung was called the “Tiger after the Ten Tigers of Gwongdung” and do not include him to the list of the “Ten Tigers”.

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