Chinese Martial Arts: The Secrets of the Old Grandmasters


Online instructional course

Embedded & downloadable videos + set of downloadable .pdf manuals



Everything you should know before you start, and path that you should follow when you already started.

Objectives of the Online Course:

  • To answer the most common questions of beginner and intermediate students of traditional martial arts
  • To find out the most important aspects of Gung Fu training
  • To debunk many common myths, associated with Chinese martial arts
  • To help to understand various demands, pitfalls as well as benefits of Chinese Gung Fu training
  • To learn more about traditional Chinese culture and philosophy, as well as practical application of old wisdom in today’s world
  • To find and follow the path of the old Masters

10 Questions of Beginners – 10 Secrets of the Old Grandmasters

  • How can I find a good teacher and a good school?
  • Is the practice of martial arts demanding? 
  • How many techniques do I have to learn? 
  • How many times do I have to practice a technique?
  • How often do I need to practice?
  • Is it enough to practice “shadow” techniques, forms and sparring sets?
  • If I practice diligently, after how long will I be able to defend myself in a potential situation?
  • How long will it take to be good at Gung Fu? 
  • Does “traditional style” means the training is the same as it was hundreds of years ago?
  • What is then the most important thing in practicing Gung Fu?

Multimedia Content

  • Each lesson has a printable .pdf sheet with a Chinese saying, written in traditional Chinese characters.
  • The course contains a series of sample videos, focused on fundamentals, strength & conditioning, and reality-based- self-defense.
  • Each lesson contains short quiz
  • Each lesson allows to post commentaries and additional questions


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