Exclusive Interview with Grand Master Lam Chun Sing [VIDEO]

Exclusive Interview with Grand Master Lam Chun Sing

Our website presents exclusive interview with Lam Family Hung Kyun Grand Master and a teacher of Pavel Macek Sifu, Grand Master Lam Chun Sing.

Interview was conducted by Pavel’s brother Petr, who is currently living in China, studying intensively with Lam Sifu and helping him in opening his Fat Saan Hung Kyun International Headquarters. 

Grand Master answered questions about his martial arts background, famous Hung Ga sets, internal training and his future plans.

Grandmaster Lam Chun Sing has founded Hung Kyun International Headquarters in Fatsaan!

If you want to join, send email to Grand Master Lam or leave a message to www.facebook.com/sifuhungkuen.

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