Fundamental Practical Hung Kyun Self-Protection Drills: Wall Drill [Video]

Practical Hung Kyun Self-Protection Drills

Demonstration from the fundamental PHK combative curriculum – simple, easy to learn and practical techniques: ‘‘What you learn in the afternoon must work for you that evening in the parking lot.” (McCann).

The drill is in Chinese martial arts called “Back to Wall Battle”: The person being assaulted has to   immediately switch form defense to offense, step in (Biu Ma) into the attacker and terminate the threat using the principle “Up – Down” (Seung Ha) and so called behavioral reactions.

If the aggressor gets hit to the groin, he will lean forward and his hands will go down – hence the subsequent counter-attack is delivered to the “Upper Gate” (“Chopping Strike”, Pek Cheui, to the back of the head). If the aggressor covers his head, next attack is delivered to the “Lower Gate” again.

Fundamental Practical Hung Kyun Self-Protection Drills: Wall Drill

Description of the Techniques

  • „Fierce Tiger Enters Rock“ (Maang Fu Yap Sek) – “Attacking Elbow” (Gung Jaang), also called “Spiked Elbow”. The key element is Biu Ma, ie. aggresive and explosive stepping inside the opponent’s attack.
  • „Single-Leg, Flying Crane“ (Duk Geuk Fei Hok) – side clinch and knee kick to the groin
  • „Old Mong Chops Wood“ (Lou Seng Pek Chaai) – “Chopping Fist” (Pek Cheui) to the back of the head. One of the most dangerous techniques, prohibited in all combat sports.
  • „Monkey Steals the Peach“ (Hau Ji Tau Tou) – continuation of the principle „Top – Down“ (Seung Ha): spike elbow  – top, knee kick – down, chop  to the neck – top, groin slap/grab – down. One technique is the setup for the next one.
  • „Fierce Tiger Pushes the Mountain (Maang Fu Teui Saan) – pushing the opponent away nd tactical disengage.

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