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5 PHK Projects for 2017: Please Vote in the Poll!

5 PHK Projects for 2017: Please Vote in the Poll!

Scholars and Warriors, readers of our PHK blog, students, and fans!  

First of all, thank you very much for all your support in 2016. Our PHK blog remains the #1 Hung Ga Kyun website on the web.

In 2016, we have published almost 50 articles, and over 100 videos at your official PHK YouTube Channel (subscribe HERE). We have launched some new social media channels, such as PHK Instagram (subcribe HERE).

Moreover, in summer of 2016 we have launched our first two online PHK courses – Chinese Martial Arts: The Secrets of the Old Grandmasters, and our flagship instructional course, PHK Intro Kit: Beginner’s Guide to Chinese Martial Arts.

Both courses were a huge success – honestly, we where overwhelmed by the positive reception of the online instructional courses, and it has motived us to develop a follow up courses. 

We have many things in making. Some of the projects are in the stage of planning, some 50-80% finished, some almost done, like 95% done.

And this is where we need your help. The question is: AT WHAT PROJECT SHOULD WE AT PHK HEADQUARTERS FOCUS ON AND FINISH FIRST? Continue reading

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Martial Arts Hacks 3: What You Should Practice, in What Order and How Often

Martial Arts Hacks 3: What You Should Practice, in What Order and How Often

Answers to the important questions that every martial artist should ask!

The second part of our installment got even more positive response than the first one – just wow.

I had to spend literally hours responding to all your emails. Scholars and warriors, thank you, I am very happy you found the practical examples and the short instructional videos useful, even though it is just a tip of proverbial (PHK curriculum) iceberg. Continue reading

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New Ebook Release – Chan Hon Chung’s Tiger and Crane Double Form Set Manual

Chan Hon Chung's Tiger and Crane Double Form Set Manual

Our Man Mou Publishing is proud to announce a new ebook release – special collector’s  edition  of Chan Hon Chung’s Tiger and Crane Double Form Set Manual!

Many masters consider Fu Hok Seung Ying to be a complete system on its own. As the famous  saying goes: “Combination of Tiger and Crane has no enemy in the world!” (Fu Hok Hap Yat, Tin Ha Mou Dik).

“Tiger and Crane Double Form Set” has been the subject of numerous books, the first being a classic “Lam Sai Wing’s” manual written by Jyu Yuk Jai, Grand Master Lam’s disciple.

Legendary New Martial Hero Magazine has published in 1970s a rare photo series of Grand Master Chan Hon Chung, performing the “Tiger and Crane Double Form Set”. Today we have the honor to bring you a complete and restored edition of all photos (plus bonuses). Continue reading

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Secret of Kung Fu Training in the 36th Chamber of the Shaolin Monastery

Secret of Kung Fu Training in the 36th Chamber of the Shaolin Monastery

Grand Master Lau Kar-Leung reveals the secrets of the Lin Gung training of the legendary Shaolin Monastery. Continue reading

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Find Out the Secrets of Hung Kyun (New Ebook)

Secrets og Hung Ga Kyun Ebook DownloadHung Ga Kyun sets, techniques, applications, weapons, legends and stories

Do you wonder – are there any “secrets”?

Well, find out!

Get the top information from reliable source & read the special vintage Hung Ga Kyun articles collection from the legendary Hong Kong Secrets of Kung Fu magazine!

Continue reading

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Gung Fu in the Heart of Europe: Hung Kyun, Wing Chun & Mantis Documentary (Streaming + Free Download)

Gung Fu in the Heart of Europe

Watch an excellent Chinese martial arts documentary featuring 3 Gung Fu schools from the heart of Europe, Prague, Czech republic:

  • Practical Hung Kyun of Pavel Macek Sifu
  • Wing Chun of Ivan Rzounek Sifu
  • Praying Mantis, Tiger Claw and Taijiquan of George Hušek Sifu

You will learn about various aspects of traditional Chinese martial arts training: Fighting and self-defense, strength and conditioning, health and personal development. Continue reading

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Leung Sifu and Hung Ga “Iron Wire Set” (Rare Article to Download)

Lau Family Hung Ga Kyun

Download a vintage article about the history of “Iron Wire Set” (Tit Sin Kyun) and Hung Ga Kyun training in general – a sample of our highly appreciated special collection of Hung Ga articles from the legendary 1970s’ Real Kung Fu magazine.

Leung Hon Gwong is one of the senior disciples of Grand Master Lau Jaam (Lau Jaam was Lam Sai Wing’s student and father of the late Grand Master Lau Kar-Leung).

You will find out some interesting info about Hung Kyun training, for fighting, as well as good health (I specially like the part about “launching  direct attack with great forcefulness”). Continue reading

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Hung Ga Story: The Year of the Iron Wire

Hung Ga Story: The Year of the Iron Wire“Iron Wire Set” (Tit Sin Kyun), one of the “Three Treasures”, secret and most advanced internal set of Hung Kyun’s curriculum.

Very few had the rare opportunity to learn it – Alberto Biraghi  was one of the fortunate ones.

Find out more in the sample chapter from his book Hung Ga Story: Me and Master Chan Hon Chung: Continue reading

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Hung Ga Story: Late Night Training with Cheung Yee Keung

After lunch I went back to the Chung King mansion and take a nap, because I had started training in the night, too. After the first day I realized that Cheung Yee Keung often trained after dinner. He came back at 10:15 PM from the jeans store in Argyle Street where he worked, had a light dinner (usually some food bought on the street, in Hong Kong most of the meals were consumed at the restaurants, the rest are mainly street food), do some work like cleaning his room, washing the clothes etc., then train. It was a great chance for me to have him at my total disposal, nobody else was training so late, so I sat in Sifu’s office watching TV or flipping through a magazine, or put on the kung fu trousers and do over and over what I had learned in the morning, until he came down in his kung fu trousers for his training set.

Hung Ga Story: Late Night Training with Cheung Yee Keung

Continue reading

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New Hung Ga Ebook Release: Lam Sai Wing Memorial Book

Attention, Hung Ga Kyun Masters, Students, Researchers & Fans!

Lam Sai Wing Memorial BookCheck out our latest special release!

Authoritative English translation of the 1951 tribute to legendary “Butcher Wing”, Wong Fei Hung’s famous student, “Mr. Tiger & Crane”!

Lam Sai Wing Memorial Book!

One of the last few surviving and rare copies – scanned, restored, edited, translated to English and converted to digital format for the future generations!

Continue reading

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