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Do you practice or teach Hung Kyun, other style of gungfu or martial arts and you are not satisfied?

Do you want to start to train Hung Kyun as it is taught in our association – practical traditional art for modern world?

It is not important WHAT (= style) do you practice, but WHO (= master/disciple) and HOW (= method) are you taught and practice – when two do the same thing, it is not the same thing.

Our association of Chinese combatives, boxing and fencing offers:

  • hard work and sweat: quality, not quantity, realistic progress, not miracles
  • systematical and progressive Practical Hung Kyun curriculum
  • methodical approach, integrated model of the training
  • systematical training syllabus for the lessons, individual training program for personal practice at home
  • functional strength and conditioning using with the traditional equipment
  • methodical development of the self-defense and fighting skills: reality based self-defense, application drills, sparring drills, free fighting
  • theory, concepts, principles, Chinese names of the techniques, history and philosophy
  • private lessons, standard and thematic weekend seminars, intensive courses, intensive training camps

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For more information please contact our Headquarters.