Hung Ga Weapon Sparring and Fencing

Hung Ga Weapon Sparring and Fencing

Q: Sifu, I have noticed that your Hung Ga school is also training weapon sparring. Can you post some videos of your Practical Hung Kyun’s weapon sparring, and maybe few tips, too?

Arno K.

A: As for weapons training, our school doesn’t train only sets or sparring sets, but also sparring drills and free fencing. Two fundamental weapons of our Practical Hung Kyun curriculum with specific sparring program are long pole and saber (adapted to short stick/baton).

Below is one round of long pole free sparring from our PHK Summer Training Camp, as well as few basic tips.

Hung Ga Kyun Weapon Sparring

  • Get or make good quality padded weapons. Use good quality protective gear.
  • Choose few reliable techniques and work on them first in simple application drills. Not all weapons or techniques were meant for dueling, ie. 1 on 1 fighting. Some of them are more suitable for a battle environment, some are strength drills, and some are purely for show.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of mindless banging sh*t out of each other – understand that one good hit might mean end of the fight.
  • Understand that long range weapon fighting is just one of the pieces in the puzzle – work on the short distance and ground fighting drills as well – both opponents armed; one armed, the other unarmed; one laying on the ground, the other standing, etc.
  • Have fun!

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

Basic exercises, techniques, sets, application drills, sparring, self defence, weapon training, strength and conditioning, names of the techniques, history and philosophy…

Don’t hesitate and feel free to ask Pavel Macek Sifu anything that you would like to know or anything that you struggle with in your martial arts training!

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