An Interview with Pavel Macek Sifu

An Interview with Pavel Macek SifuI know Wallace Smedley Sifu from cyberspace for a long time, especially from discussions on various Chinese martial arts forums.

I am also a regular reader of his excellent blog, dedicated to critical thinking, practical martial arts and self-protection.

When Wallace asked me for an interview, I was very pleased. He has asked some excellent questions, and here is the result – An Interview with Pavel Macek Sifu.

Some of the subjects we have covered:

  • Practical use of the traditional techniques in Hung Kyun
  • Importance of fundamental training, strenght and conditioning
  • Testing the skills under an adrenal response
  • Fighting strategy of Hung Kyun
  • Secret knowledge in martial arts
  • Role of traditional combat arts in modern world
  • Plans for the future

You can read the complete interview here. Thank you Wallace, it has been an honor!

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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