Fundamental Exercises

Fundamental exercises of Practical Hung Kyun (Sat Yung Hung Kyun) encompass drills developing flexibility and correct movement patterns, which prepare students for further training. The following drills are taught at Level 1 of our Practical Hung Kyun Curriculum.

“Eight Internal Breathing Exercises” (Noi Sau Baat Sik)

Breakfalls (Dit Faat)

  • Back breakfall
  • Side breakfall
  • Frontal breakfall (hard, soft)

“Stances and Footwork” (Ma Bou)

  • “Stance training” (Jaat Ma), turning (Jyun Ma) and footwork (Jau Ma)
  • Low/training stances (Daai Jong Ma) and high/combat stances (Gou Jong Ma)

 “Eight Fundamental Stances” (Baat Ma Sik)

  • “Parallel Stance” (Lap Geuk Ma)
  • “Four levels Stance” (Sei Ping Ma)
  • “Suspended Leg Stance” (Diu Geuk Ma)
  • “Meridian Stance” (Ji Ng Ma), also known as “Front Bow, Rear Arrow” (Chin Gung Hau Jin)
  • “Crossed Leg Stance” (Neu Ji Ma)
  • “One Legged Stance” (Duk Lap Ma)
  • “Kneeling Stance” (Gwai Ma)
  • “Parallel Yeung Clasping Stance” (Yi Ji Kim Yeung Ma)

“Eight Fundamentals of Footwork” (Baat Bou Faat)

  • Forward/Backward  Shuffle (Jeun Ma – Teui Ma)
  • Forward/Backward  Pressing Step (Bik Bou)
  • Forward/Backward  Cross Step (Jau Ma – Tau Ma)
  • Forward/Backward Step (Seung Ma – Lai Ma)
  • Left/right (Jo Yau)
  • Eight Directions (Baat Gwa)
  • Fish Tail (Yu Mei Bou)
  • Three Stars (Saam Sing Bou)

“Stretching “ (Yau Gung)

  • Hamstrings
  • Flexors
  • Split
  • T-Spine
  • Back Bridge

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