Sparring Drills

Practical Hung Kyun uses in a attack 7 main “weapons”, so called “7 stars” (Chat Sing): head, shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, knees and feet. 4 major types of attack are used – kicks (Tek), strikes (Da),takedowns (Seut) and submissions (Na).

Practical Hung Kyun emphasises pro-active,aggresive self-defense – our philosophy is summarized in an old traditional saying: “Hung School – buffalo heads! We fight to the death – we never not turn our back!” (Hung Mun Yat Tau Ngau, Da Sei Bat Wui Tau).

“Sparring Drills” (Deui Lin) of Practical Hung Kyun (Sat Yung Hung Kyun) as taught in our association approaches training of reality based self defense (RBSD) and free combat systematically, with use of 3 main training methods:

  • Application drills (Saan Sau)
  • Combat sequences, sparring drills, self-defense scenarios (Wui Hap)
  • Free fighting (Saan Da)

“Application drills” (Saan Sau)

Saan Sau include training of usage of the basic techniques and combinations (Saan Sik) and techniques contained in the sets (Kyun Tou). There are 2 main methods how to practice the application drills:

  •  “From technique to situation” – usage of “basic techniques” (Saan Sik) and techniques from sets (Kyun Tou)
  • “From situation to technique” – counters against specific types of attacks

Combat Sequences, Sparring Drills, RBSD Scenarios (Wui Hap)

  • “Inside Gate” (Ngoi Mun)
  • “Outside Door” (Noi Mun)
  • “Upper Gate” (Seung Mun)
  • “Middle Gate” (Jung Mun)
  • “Lower Gate” (Ha Mun)
  • “Left/Right Gate” (Jo Mun/Yau Mun)
  • Long Range (Cheung Geui)
  • Middle Range (Jung Geui)
  • Short Range (Dyun Geui)

The emphasis in drilling the of the Wui Hap is put on not only developing the “technical“ aspects (Faat), but especially skills (Gung) – correct generation of power, accuracy, timing, spacing, tactics and strategy.

Free Fighting (Saan Da)

  • Full contact with protection gear (grappling or boxing gloves, head-gear with a protective cage, mouthpiece, shin protectors, cup, elbows and knees protectors
  • Without protection – light contact/no contact, everything goes, including the strikes to the throat, hair grabbing, attacks to the eyes, genitals etc.
  • One on one
  • Multiple opponents vs. one
  • Unarmed vs. armed
  • Armed vs. armed

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