Leung Sifu and Hung Ga “Iron Wire Set” (Rare Article to Download)

Lau Family Hung Ga Kyun

Download a vintage article about the history of “Iron Wire Set” (Tit Sin Kyun) and Hung Ga Kyun training in general – a sample of our highly appreciated special collection of Hung Ga articles from the legendary 1970s’ Real Kung Fu magazine.

Leung Hon Gwong is one of the senior disciples of Grand Master Lau Jaam (Lau Jaam was Lam Sai Wing’s student and father of the late Grand Master Lau Kar-Leung).

You will find out some interesting info about Hung Kyun training, for fighting, as well as good health (I specially like the part about “launching  direct attack with great forcefulness”).

Last to pages show some of the combat applications of Lau Family Hung Ga Kyun, both bare-handed and with weapons.

You can download the article using the link below!

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