Classical texts say that to have good gungfu you need 3 things: a right method, a good teacher and a good student.

The training of beginners focuses on the following areas: developing a strong technique (Faat) and skill foundations (Gung); strengthening and bulding of correct structure as well as correct motion patterns (“from the formless to form”).

Students first learns specific gungfu warming up exercises, “basic techniques/drills” (Saan Sik) and their usage (Saan Sau) as well as conditioning and strengthening drills (Gungfu).

After correct mastery of the basic exercises students start to learn the first empty handed set (Kyun Tou), apply the techniques in drills and reality based  self-defense scenarios, basic combat sequences, and sparring drills (Saan Da).

The training of intermediate and advanced students concentrates especially on developing skill (Gung) aspects (“from the form to formless”), combat sequences and sparring drills (Saan Sau/Saan Da) and weapon practice (separated techniques, sets, sparring sets, combat sequences, sparring drills and sparring). The emphasis is put on enriching the combat arsenal, combat tactics and strategy, and advance inner aspects of Hung Kyun, namely the cultivation of “Internal Energy” (Noi Gung).

The teaching system of the Practical Hung Kyun offers the following options:

  • standard lessons in Prague’s headquarters, mon-fri afternoon/evening
  • private lessons by appointment (lessons in English available)
  • weekend seminars in Prague
  • weekend seminars in other cities in the Czech Republic
  • training camps
  • Hung Kyun seminars abroad
  •  intensive Hung Kyun courses for foreign students in Prague/intensive Hung Kyun courses abroad

For more info please contact send us an e-mail or call (+420) 777 676 386.

Apprentice Levels (Tou Dai Kap)

Practical Hung Kyun 1st Kap

1st Kap

“Eighteen Application Drills” (Sap Baat Saan Sau)


Practical Hung Kyun 2nd Kap2nd Kap

„Taming of the Tiger in Gung Pattern“ (Gung Ji Fuk Fu Kyun)


Practical Hung Kyun 3rd Kap3rd Kap

“Monkey King’s Staff” (Syun Hang Je Paang)



Assistant Instructor Levels (Jo Gaau Kap)

Practical Hung Kyun 4th Kap4th Kap

„Commander’s Sabre“ (Daan Ji Fai Dou)


Practical Hung Kyun 5th Kap5th Kap

„Tiger and Crane“ (Fu Hok Seung Ying Kyun)


Practical Hung Kyun 6th Kap 6th Kap

“Big Circling Moon Double Knives” (Daai Hang yut Seung Dou)



Instructor Levels” (Gaau Lin Kap)

Practical Hung Kyun 7th Kap7th Kap

“Arrow Palm” (Jin Jeung)


Practical Hung Kyun 8th Kap8th Kap

“Cross Pattern Chain Whip” (Sap Ji Daan Yun Bin)


Practical Hung Kyun 9th Kap 9th Kap

„Five Animals Five Elements“ (Ng Ying Hang Kyun)



Master Levels (Si Fu Kap)

Practical Hung Kyun 10th Kap10th Kap

“Dragon Head Wooden Bench” (Lung Tau Baan Dang)


Practical Hung Kyun 11th Kap11th Kap

“Ng Long’s Eight Diagrams Long Pole” (Ng Long Baat Gwa Gwan)


Practical Hung Kyun 12th Kap12th Kap

“Iron Thread set” (Tit Sin Kyun)


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