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Almost 100 Years Old Mr. Pun Performs Hung Kyun Pillar Sets (Full Videos! MUST SEE!)

Almost 100 Years Old Mr. Pun Performs Hung Kyun Pillar Sets (Full Videos! MUST SEE!)

94 years old Mr. Pun Sou, dedicated disciple of legendary Grand Master Lam Jou, performs core Hung Ga Kyun sets (including famous “Iron Thread Set”), as well as few auxiliary forms.

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Late Grand Master Lau Kar-Leung on Hung Ga & Movies [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

Late Grand Master Lau Kar-Leung on Hung Ga & Movies - VIDEO INTERVIEW

Lau Kar-Leung, Gung Fu movies & Hung Ga Kyun fans, check out an excelent interview with Lau Kar Leung Sifu!

Lau Kar Leung Sifu talks about:

  • His stuntman career
  • Chinese opera and martial arts differences (red trousers as well!)
  • His famous Hung Ga lineage
  • How to keep a thin waist using the Gung Fu sash
  • What are the 4 kinds of Gung Fu
  • Why are high kicks not good in real fighting but important in movies
  • Different styles and weapons
  • Key concepts of his movies
  • And more!

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“Night Tiger Emerges from the Forest” – A Rare Set of “Old Hung Ga Kyun”

“Night Tiger Emerges from the Forest” – A Rare Set of “Old Hung Ga Kyun”Night Tiger Emerges from the Forest (Ye Fu Cheut Lam) is a rare set from “Triple Stretch Hung Kyun” (Saam Jin Hung Kyun), a branch of “Old Hung Kyun” (Lou Hung Kyun).

I have seen the “Night Tiger Emerges from the Forest” set for the first time in 1999 in Hong Kong, performed by Leung Gam Gwong sifu, a disciple of Wong Lei, and have been fortunate discuss its details with Leung sifu and his student and my good friend Wong Jung Man Sifu on various occasions during my numerous trips to Hong Kong and China. Continue reading


Mystery of the Southern Shaolin (Video Series)

Southern Shaolin

Southern Shaolin (Naam Siu Lam) – the riddle, the myth, the legend.

As the Chinese saying: “All martial arts come from Shaolin” (Tin Ha Mou Gung Cheut Siu Lam). Virtually all famous Southern styles, e.g. Hung Ga Kyun, Wing Cheun, Choi Lei Fat, supposedly come from Southern Shaolin Monastery.

To learn more about the Southern Shaolin mystery, please watch the video series below (in Chinese with English subtitles). Continue reading


Power to the People: StrongFirst SFL Barbell

Barbell strength training for martial arts

Barbell and powerlifts for non-powerlifters, strength training in general population, for martial arts?

Russian specialist Nikolai Vitkevich points out: “(Sport specific training) is different for everyone… Basic training is virtually the same in all sports and its primary focus is to increase general strength and muscle mass. Powerlifting originated as a competition in exercises that everybody does.”

Pavel Tsatsouline, StrongFirst Chief Instructor, adds: “And if YOU are not doing them, you should.” Continue reading


Grand Master Chiu Wai Performs “Taming the Tiger”, “Tiger and Crane”, and “Son and Mother Double [RARE FOOTAGE]

Hung Ga Kyun fans, check outRare video of Hung Ga Grand Master Chiu Wai rare vintage footage of Grand Master Chiu Wai, performing complete “Taming the Tiger in Gung Patern Set” (Gung Ji Fuk Fu Kyun) and “Tiger Crane Double Form Set” (Fu Hok Seung Ying Kyun).

Grand Master Chiu Wai has recently celebrated his 83rd brithday – on behalf of Practical Hung Kyun Team, we wish him good health and many good students! Continue reading


Video: Hung Ga “Taming of the Tiger” (Fuk Fu Kyun)

Hung Ga "Taming the Tiger" (Fuk Fu Kyun)Hung Ga “Taming of the Tiger in Gung Pattern” (Gung Ji Fuk Fu Kyun) – performance of second part in Hong Kong 2009, 100th birthday of my Si Gung, Late Grand Master Lam Jou, who is sitting behind me with his family and John Tsang, Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, carefully watching my technique.

Numerous families in China teach Gung Ji Fuk Fu Kyun as 2 separate sets, or teach just the second part of it, i.e. Fuk Fu Kyun, commonly named as Daan Gung Fuk Fu. I have seen many versions of the set, including Choi Lei Fat version and Hap Ga version.

2009 was a great trip indeed – lots of practice both in Hong Kong and China, lots of research of various Hung Ga Kyun families, lots of fun with my students and friends. Good times indeed!

Check out the video below, we will upload more stuff form the 2009 trip soon! Continue reading