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Strength Training for the Martial Arts

Today’s martial arts’ approach to the strength and conditioning basicaly falls into three main camps:

  1. Strength Training for Martial ArtsNo strength and conditioning at all – because „we don’t need it, we get all from doing our sets, sparring sets, heavy bag and sparring.”
  2. (High rep) bodyweight exercises  (like pushups, squats, crunches) –  because “lifting weights will make you stiff and slow.
  3. Bodybuilding – bench press in Smith Machine and leg press, 3 sets of 10 and loads of supplemements – because “big muscles equals strength and power.”

What do we at Practical Hung Kyun think?

All wrong. Let me explain. Continue reading

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Legends of the Old Hung Ga Kyun Masters: „Iron Claw“ Ling Waan Gai

Legends of the Old Hung Ga Kyun Masters: „Iron Claw“ Ling Waan Gai Wong Fei Hung‘s fame and fighting prowess attracted many challengers. One day a huge gang of martial artists of other style arrived to Bou Ji Lam and tore down the school sign. One of them has  cried out loud: “Wong Fei Hung, come out, we challenge you to to Bei Mou, Comparison of Fighting Skills!”

Wong sifu wasn’t at his Mou Gwun at that time, only one of his senior disciples, Ling Wan Gaai, nicknamed “Steel Claw, Iron Leg” (Gong Jaau Tit Geuk) leading a class of his junior classmates. Annoyed and angry, he replied without hesitation:

“Here I am,” he said. Challenge accepted! Continue reading

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Traditional Hung Ga Kyun’s Wooden Dummy Finally Revealed!

Hung Ga Kyun’s Wooden DummyDoes Hung Ga Kyun curriculum have a Wooden Dummy? One of the most common questions in the Hung Kyun community!

According to the legends, Southern Siulam Monastery is said to have 108 Wooden Dummies. Hung Kyun being the heir of the Southern Siulam has to have a Wooden Dummy (Set)!

Wing Cheun has one, Choi Lei Fat has more than many, some other styles, like Black Tiger School (Hak Fu Mun) have even Stone Dummy!

There are even photos and videos of famous Masters practicing on Wooden Dummy. Last  but not least, we have all seen different Hung Kyun Dummies in the movies! Continue reading

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