Strength & Conditioning

Universal exercises

  • “Art of Flexibility” (Yau Gung)
  • “Stance training” (Jaat Ma), “Golden Bridge“ (Gam Kiu), “Three Extensions” (Saam Jin Sau)
  • Bodyweight exercises: Pushups, one arm pushups, squats, single legged squats, bridges, pullups
  • Barbell exercises, kettlebells exercises

Special exercises

“Art of the Iron Arms“ (Tit Bei Gung)

  • “Golden Bridge” (Gam Kiu), “Three Extensions” (Saam Jin Sau), “Three Stars Conditioning” (Da Saam Sing), brass rings, rattan ring

“Art of the Tiger Claws“ (Fu Jaau Gung)

  • Tiger claw drills, “Taming of the Tiger Gung“ (Fuk Fu Gung), holding the weights, bag throwing and catching, jabbing the fingers into the mungo beans

“Art of the Iron Fists“ (Tit Kyun Gung)

  • Knuckle push ups, medicine ball throwing, punching with the weights, heavy bag work, wall bag work, focus mitts drills

“Art of the Iron Legs“ (Tit Geuk Gung)

  • Conditioning with the bundle of chopsticks, conditioning with the legs, kicking the heavy bag, kicking the Thai pads, kicking the pole

“Art of the Iron Palms” (Tit Sa Jeung)

  • Preliminary exercises, striking the iron palm bag, breathing exercises

“Internal Gung” (Noi Gung)

  • Stance training, “Eight Internal Exercises” (Noi Sau Baat Sik), “Eigtheen Lohon Hands” (Sap Baat Lo Hon Sau), “Ten Forms” (Sap Ying Kyun), “Iron Thread Set” (Tit Sin Kyun)

Specialized equipment

Suspended wooden pole, heavy bag, focus mitts, kicking shields, heavy long poles, iron double ended staffs, heavy iron Southern knives, brass rings, punching weights, wooden ear plates, bundle of chopsticks, weights for finger strengthening exercises, three sectional wall bags, iron palm bags (mungo beans, gravel, steel balls), barbell, kettlebells, medicine balls,

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