Practicing the Art”: A Short Hung Ga Kyun Video by Viktor Nordgren

Practicing the Art": A Short Hung Ga Kyun Video by Viktor Nordgren

Making a Kung Fu movie has been a dream of mine. Today, this dream has become reality.

Although it is not a full feature movie it’s a short clip containing the most representative set of Hung Kyun, Fu Hok Seung Ying Kyun. The main focus in this clip is simply the Tiger and Crane techniques, how they look in the hand form as well as the sparring form, it also includes some more techniques as you will see.

I hope you like it!

About the Author: Viktor Nordgren been training Hung Kyun since 2002. He started to learn from Mattias Lindh Sifu in Umeå, Sweden. Viktor has been practising under Raymond Wong since 2010. Håkan Andersson, Viktor’s Sihing, started training under Mattias in 2001 and under master Wong in 2010 as well. Viktor is an author of excellent English translation of Lam Sai Wing’s Taming the Tiger Manual, available in our PHK Eshop HERE.

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