“Tiger and Crane Double Form Set”: Wong Fei Hung’s Best of Southern Fist

"Tiger and Crane Double Form Set": Wong Fei Hung's Best of Southern Fist

Fu Hok Seung Ying Kyun is one of the methods of our martial arts style. This set was created by the late Grand Master Wong Fei Hung. When he was a child, he made an itinerant living as a street performer together with his father, Great Grand Master [Wong Kei Ying].

In his prime, we worked as a coach of Lau’s and Ng’s army. He became very famous and has met many other excellent Masters. He picked up the the essential techniques of various famous styles, has mastered them through a comprehensive study,  transformed them and created Fu Hok Seung Ying Kyun.”

The paragraph above comes from the Wong Man Kai’s “Informal Discussion about the Tiger and Crane Double Form Set”, published in Lam Sai Wing’s Memorial book (full English translation available HERE).

Wong continues:

Fu Seung Ying Kyun uses essential techniques of Hung Ga, Mok Ga, Hap Ga, Fat Ga and other various styles”.

When I have interviewed Grand Master Lam Jou in 2004, he told me: “Tiger and Crane Double Form Set is not Hung Ga set – it is Jaap Ga set, mix of various styles.” Indeed, (Old) Hung Ga Kyun is just a small part of today’s “Tiger and Crane Double Form Set”.

Chi Chuan Chun Sifu performs “Tiger and Crane Double Form Set” (Fu Hok Seung Ying Kyun)

The commentary to #112 of the Jyu Yu Jai’s “Tiger and Crane Double Form Book” gives few examples of some of the “Seed Hand Techniques” (Jung Sau Faat) of the set.

Here is the translation:

  • “Double Tiger Claws” (Seung Fu Jaau), “Single Tiger Claw” (Daan Fu Jaau), “Tiger Turning its Head” (Wui Tau Fu), “Sideways Facing Tiger” (Jaak Min Fu), “Stance Turning Tiger” (Che Ma Fu), “Tiger Exiting the Mountain” (Cheut Saan Fu), “Tiger Descending the Mountain” (Ha Saan Fu), “Tiger opening the Mountain” (Hoi Saan Fu).
  • “Satisfied Crane” (Baau Hok), “Hungry Crane” (Ngo Hok), “Single Leg Flying Crane” (Duk Geuk Fei Hok), “Crane’s Wings” (Hok Chi), “Crane’s Crest” (Hok Ding), “Crane’s Beak” (Hok Jeui), “Crane’s Claws” (Hok Jaau).
  • Hung Ga “Three Extensions” Method (Saam Jin Faat) in the beginning of the set
  • Fat Ga Lo Hon Kyun techniques in the end of the set

Traditional, MMA, or traditional MMA – what do you think?

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Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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