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Knockout “Game”: What to Do?

Knockout Violent GameWe have lately received many emails and Facebook messages regarding the new sick trend, a violent “game” called Knockout.

For those who don’t know yet, please read the description of Knockout Game (from Wikipedia) and check the video below:

Knockout, the knockout game, knockout king, bombing, polar-bearing, and polar-bear hunting, are the names given to assaults in which one or more assailants attempts to knock out an unsuspecting victim, often with a single sucker punch. Serious injuries and deaths have been attributed to knockout…” Continue reading


Hung Kyun‘s “Four Fingers Supporting Heaven” Poem

Hung Ga Kyun Lam Sai Wing Iron Bridge“Four Fingers Supporting Heaven” (Sei Ji Chaang Tin) is one of the orthodox Hung Ga Kyun’s “Bridge Hands” (Kiu Sau) training methods.

Is serves as complimentary static “internal” exercise to the “Three Extensions, Threading the Pearls” (Saam Jin Lin Jyu) and develops the „Iron Bridge“, finger strength and overall bodily strength.

Following twenty-eight character mnemonic poem is citing the Venerable Master “Iron Arms” (Tit Bei Sim Si) in his endorsement of this technique: Continue reading


What is Better – Hung Ga or Wing Chun? (Video)

What is Better - Hung Ga or Wing Chun?

Hung Ga and Wing Chun: which style is better?

Would “Iron Bridges”, “Five Animals” and “Five Elements” of Hung Ga defeat Wing Chun’s “Sticky Hands” and “Chain Punching”?

Check out the video below and find out! Continue reading


Hung Kyun’s „Ten Lethal Bare Hand Techniques“ (Sap Duk Sau)

Leung Daat - Hung Kyun’s „Ten Lethal Bare Hands Techniques“ (Sap Duk Sau)

Grand Master Wong Fei Hung, founder of „Modern Hung Kyun“, was one of the most famous Masters of Southern Chinese boxing.

Among his special skills belonged long pole fighting, Fei Tou (weight attached to the rope) and so called „Ten Lethal Bare Hand Techniques“ (Sap Duk Sau), ten unique and secret combat techniques thanks to whom he was never defeated.

“Ten Lethal Bare Hand Techniques” or “Ten Killing Hands“ is in Chinese Sap Duk Sau or Sap Jyut Sau. Character Duk means literally „poisonous“, killing“, „lethal“; however, different character with same pronounciation (Duk) means „unique“, „special“. Same goes for two different characters pronounce as Jyut. Continue reading


Exclusive Interview with Grand Master Lam Chun Sing [VIDEO]

Exclusive Interview with Grand Master Lam Chun Sing

Our website presents exclusive interview with Lam Family Hung Kyun Grand Master and a teacher of Pavel Macek Sifu, Grand Master Lam Chun Sing.

Interview was conducted by Pavel’s brother Petr, who is currently living in China, studying intensively with Lam Sifu and helping him in opening his Fat Saan Hung Kyun International Headquarters. 

Grand Master answered questions about his martial arts background, famous Hung Ga sets, internal training and his future plans. Continue reading


Training the Hung Ga Pillar Sets and How to Progress without a Training Partner

Question: How much progress can one make with the first three of the four pillar forms (Gung Ji Fuk Fu Kyun, Fu Hok Seung Ying Kyun and Sap YIng Kyun)? As I mentioned I have moved away from my Sifu and impending family responsibilities prevent me from spending large amounts of time with him, which is needed to learn Tid Sin Kyun.

Mark V.

Answer: I have few recommendations and tips, presuming you have no traing partners (yet): Continue reading