Iron Palm in 100 Days


The Ultimate “How to” Iron Palm Classic

.pdf ebook, 69 pages, vintage instructional video converted to .mp4

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Iron Palm Grand Master Gu Yu Jeung

Legendary Iron Palm Grand Master Iron Palm Grand Master  Gu Yu Jeung

Table of Content 

  • Preface
  • The Origin of Iron Palm
  • The Formal Exercises in Relation to the Basic Exercises
  • The Basic Exercises in Relation to Age
  • The Basic Exercise in Relation to Medication
  • The Three Important Requisites in Training
  • The Different Methods
  • Lee’s Hundred Days Method
  • Equipment
  • Method
  • Medication
  • Precautions
  • Other Measures
  • Testing Out
  • The Application of the Palm in Defence
  • The use of the Slapping Method
  • The use of the Throwing Method
  • The use of the Cutting Method
  • The use of the Stamping Method
  • The use of the Dotting Method
  • The “All Round” Method of Training
  • The Salient Features in Training
  • The “All Round” Method Itself
  • Explanatory Notes on the “Secret Discourse on the Use of the Palm”
  • Questions and Answers

Iron Palm Manual

Five methods of Iron Palm training, explained in the book and in the accompanying video

Iron Palm Video

Download includes also a super rare vintage video, converted to .mp4, showing the training methodology, breaking technique as well as fighting applications. 


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