Practical Hung Kyun Knife Self-Defense (Video + Tutorial)

Practical Hung Kyun Knife Defense

Knife attack is definitely one of the most dangerous situation you could get in.

Although the knife defense belongs to the most difficult self-protection skills, we have decided to move it to the beginner levels (2nd Kap), for various reasons.

First, our students might need it tomorrow – the aggressor doesn’t care it is an advanced skill set.

Second, the basic game plan and hold (“two on one”, se bellow) is fully compatible with our strength exercises (Lin Gung) with the long pole that we teach at 2nd Kap, as well as special variation of Kiu Sau conditioning we do, so called Gang Sau. Even if the student won’t specialize in long pole fencing, he will still understand and reap the benefits of long pole Lin Gung training.

Practical Hung Kyun basic knife self-defense video

Few general notes and few notes about the drill in the video:

  • The basic game-plan goes like this (from best to worst) 1) RUN! 2) pick something, throw it, RUN! 3) pick something, use it as a weapon/improvised weapon, RUN! 4) If there is no other option and you eg. you need to protect your family, use empty hands vs. the blade, get control of the weapon bearing hand, destroy or disarm and RUN! Worst case scenario! This is where our drill on the video starts – the shit already hit the fan.
  • Guard – notice that the defender uses “Read the Spring and Autumn Annals at Night” guard (or “guard”), to avoid being cut on the inside of the forearm.
  • To make the drill harder and the arms more slippery, we used fake blood.
  • The defender uses his bridges to aggressively hit the attackers hand (Gang Sau) – in training we get very often an accidental disarm – well, Hung Kyun Bridges are second to none, right! Anyway, this wasn’t the case, so the defender followed with grab and controlling the opponent’s weapon bearing hand, using the tactics of “Two Hands Controls One” (Leung Sau Fuk Yat).
  • The defender tried various disarms, but they did not work – hard and accurate groin kick (Liu Yam Geuk) luckily did.

Special thanks to David Rogers Sifu for many useful tips and resources regarding the knife fighting and knife self-defense.

Train realistically, train smart. 

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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