Knockout “Game”: What to Do?

Knockout Violent GameWe have lately received many emails and Facebook messages regarding the new sick trend, a violent “game” called Knockout.

For those who don’t know yet, please read the description of Knockout Game (from Wikipedia) and check the video below:

Knockout, the knockout game, knockout king, bombing, polar-bearing, and polar-bear hunting, are the names given to assaults in which one or more assailants attempts to knock out an unsuspecting victim, often with a single sucker punch. Serious injuries and deaths have been attributed to knockout…”

Knockout “Game” – What to Do?

We have already covered the subject few weeks ago in an article called Hung Ga Kyun Concepts: Four Sides, Eight Directions. Let us repeat some of the most important parts:

  • No martial art skill can help you to “defend” against an attack you do not see coming. Action beats reaction even in a regular fight, so what do you expect in an ambush? Sucker punch lands and knocks out in 99,9% cases. It is not the strike that hurts – it is the fall of the unconscious body and slam of the head that kills.
  • Daydreaming? Listening to new .mp3 set? Texting to a friend? The old masters say:„The eyes watch on the Four Sides, ears listen to the Eight Directions.“ Switch on your alarm – your awareness has to cover 360 degrees of your enviroment, including everyone and everything in it. 

Knockout Game

  • Send a clear message you are not an easy victim. Look around, act confident, be confident – you will not be chosen as a prey.
  • Protect your personal space, do not allow anybody you do not know to enter it. Hands up when needed! (Not in a combat guard per se, just hands up).
  • How often do you hear: „I did not see it coming…“? Well, you probably could have “see it coming”, or better say, avoid it at all. That is 95% of all self-defence and it has to be learned and trained on regular basis. But – you have to be see/hear/realize the possible threat. Stay aware and alert.
  • Remind your classmates: We train martial arts to help people, not hurt them. Would you really feel a real man after suckerpunching a stranger, a woman, an elderly person for no reason?! SERIOUSLY?!

Please share with your friends – it might save somebody’s health of life.