Practical Hung Kyun Fundamental Curriculum: Profundity in Simplicity

Practical Hung Kyun Fundamental Curriculum: Profundity in Simplicity

Practical Hung Kyun fundamental curriculum (1st and 2nd Kap) consists of 2 sets: „Cross Pattern Plum Flower Set“ (intro bare-handed set) and „Six and Half Point Long Pole“ (intro weapon set).

There are many reasons why our students start here: it is a fast and simple introductory program to practical self-defence, boxing and fencing, easy to master and immediately ready to use. However, the important point is not WHAT, but HOW.

Let’s have a look at Cross Pattern Plum Flower Set first (Practical Hung Kyun 1st Kap).

Common applications you see out there are either to defense oriented („if he attacks like this, I block and… „), elaborate (joint locks, complicated trapping, designed to counter other elaborated Gung Fu techniques, not real life attacks), unrealistic, or even dangerous (blocking low kick with Chopping Fist – really?).

The old Master say that the „Four Secret Keywords“ of Mui Fa Kyun are: „Step forward, step backward, attack, defend“. (Notice the order – it IS important!). Left hand blocks, checks or grabs, right hand does the damage: Jab, cross, uppercut, hammer fist, elbow, backfist… Add a groin kick and you are set.

(Sidenote concerning the backfist – Gwa Cheui is not actually backfist, as there are no backfists in Hung Kyun, but that is a topic for another article.)

Hung Ga Mui Fa Kyun – not our version, but very similar to what we train

One of our fundamental drills is to train these skills (fullcontact!) is Bik Da, „Press and Strike“ drill: One guy basicaly beats the shit out of the other guy, pressing him forward in straight Ji Ng line and hitting with the combinations of techniques above, from one side of the Mou Gwun to the other, and then they switch the roles.

Primitive? Well, yes. Does it work? Hell yes. You just switch on an press the enemy like a bulldozer, hitting him from various angles with your power hand in southpaw stance (exactly like in old boxing, before the „invention“ of jab).

Ji Ng line of course does not mean rigid karate-like movement. Simple stepping pattern calls for body and head movement – left and right, up and down, forward and backward, and combinations of all above. And of course, Ji Ng line is just beginning stepping pattern – the students work on zig-zag Chat Sing and 360 Baat Gwa steps right from the beginning.

Bayonet Attack Training

„Six and Half Point Long Pole“? (Practical Hung Kyun 2nd Kap). Even simpler: poke and retract. Repeat, like a sewing machine.

Of course there is more, but – this is the basic attack/defend pattern, easy to adapt to any short stick or e.g. an umbrella (Western World War 1 and 2 combatives used similer drill). And yes, we also drill it with special padded weapons, full speed.

Keep it simple. Keep it real. Keep it practical. 

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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