Graduation System

Practical Hung Kyun Graduation SystemSystematical and progressive curriculum of Practical Hung Kyun consists of 12 levels (Kap):

  • 4 Beginner Levels (Cho Kap) = Apprentice Levels
  • 4 Intermediate Levels  (Jung Kap) = Instructor Levels
  • 4 Advanced Levels (Gou Kap) = Master Levels

All tests are scored on a point scale 1-5 (1 = worst, 5 = best) or by pass/fail system by 3 senior instructors. Student has to score at least 3 or more on each of the tests. Testing consist of 4 parts:

1) Form

The student is required to perform a set (barehanded or weapon) according to the level tested. The set has to be performed with appropriate speed, power and figting spirit.

2) Strength and Conditioning

The student is required to exhibit strength in various disciplines according to the tested level.

  • Beginner/intermediate level tests consist of bodyweight exercises (stance, pushups, pullups; one arm pushups, one legged squats… )
  • Intermediate/advanced levels tests consist of kettlebell drills (TGU, Snatch, military Press) or barbell exercises (Deadlift, Squat, Floor Press).

3) Application

The student is required:

  • To show certain number of application drills (depending on the the level tested)
  • Be able to defend himself in various full contact self defense scenarios (pro-active self defense, 1 on 1, 1 vs. multiple assailants, knife/gun/batton defense etc.)
  • Fight 1-3 rounds of 2, 3 or 5 minutes full contact fighting bout.

4) Theory

  • The student will be asked various questions about the principles, theory and philosophy of Practical Hung Kyun.

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