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“Tiger of Sai Gwaan”: Hung Ga Grand Master Dang Fong

Hung Ga Kyun Grand Master Dang FongGrandmaster Dang Fong (1879 – 1955), was born in the Saam Seui of Gwong Dung Province in China. Dang followed his father’s example learning martial arts and Dit Da during his youth.

After he grew up, he went to Canton and learnt martial arts under Master Wong Yau in a school located in Cheung Sau Lane ‘s/Dak Sing Lane. Later, he became a student of monk Sim Ling of the Wa Lam Temple.

Lam Sai Wing was the disciple of the famous Wong Fei Hung. He opened a school in Gwong Jaau Chan Tong District. Dang Fong was origionally his student. With Si Lou Yuk’s referral, Dang Fong became the close disciple of Wong Fei Hung and learnt in-depth knowledge of Hung Ga Kyun and Dit Da from Wong Fei Hung.

Afterward, with Wong Fei Hung’s permission, Dang Fong opened his school, Yi Yung Tong, in the Daai Ho Road of Sai Gwaan district in Canton. Dang Fong was later known as “Tiger of Sai Gwaan” District. Continue reading


Another Photo Discovery: Is this REAL Wong Fei Hung?

Wong Fei Hung PhotoWe have thouroughly examined the so called “photo of Wong Fei Hung” in one of our previous articles. The conclusion was clear: it is not photo of Wong Fei Hung, but photo of one of his sons, Wong Hon Hei.

But guess what – we have another candidate, and this time it seems that much more reliable!

The photo on the left was found in Hong Kong in 2005 by a gentleman from Municipal Museum. At the back of the photo was written:

Portrait of Wong Fei Hung – Kwong Kei Tim

There are couple of good reasons that the person on the photo can indeed be Wong Fei Hung: Continue reading


„Iron Thread Set“ (Tit Sin Kyun) – Just for Strength and Health?

Hung Ga Kyun "Iron Thread Set" (Tit Sin Kyun)Question: I have heard that Tit Sin Kyun is not for fighting, but for training the internal energy and for making the bridge hands stronger and more pliable. I find this to be a contridiction, because Lam Sai Wing treatise indicate that it is the best set to strengthen one for combat. I understand that the movements of set is for manipulating and moving Chi to different parts of the body, but does that mean that the hand have no combat use?

Don H. Continue reading


“Cross-Pattern Three-Sectional Chain Whip” (Sap Ji Saam Jit Bin)

Hung Ga Kyun Three Sectional Chain WhipThe chain whip was included in the modern Hung Kyun curriculum by Wong Fei Hung or one of the masters of previous generations. According to some sources, it comes from Lam Fuk Sing.

In ancient China, whips used to be used as a hidden weapon. A warrior usually wore them tied around his waist or diagonally across a shoulder and were only used after he lost his primary or secondary weapon (eg. spear or saber).

The length of the weapon depends on the user – held by the waist, it should reach almost to the ground. This type of metal “whip” is also called the “Three-Sectional Chain Whip” (Saam Jit Bin); in other (especially northern) styles, we can see five, seven, nine or even 13-sectional whips, usually longer. Continue reading


Hung Ga Kyun Techniques in the Movies: 36th Chamber of Shaolin (Video)

Hung Ga kKun in Movies: 36th Chamber of ShaolinWho does not love Gordon Liu? Who does not love Lau Kar-Leung’s movies?

We all do, right. Hung Ga movie fans, check out the selection of training scenes from the legendary 36th Chamber of Shaolin (aka Master Killer).

Fighting choreography by Grand Master Lau Kar-Leung, son of Lam Sai Wing’s disciple Lau Jaam. Hung Ga practitioners will recognise many familiar techniques, such as: Continue reading


Gold Medal at 9th Wong Fei Hung Cup, China 2013 (Video)

Petr Vrana won a gold medal at 9th Wong Fei Hung Cup, China 2013Petr Vrána, brother of Pavel Macek Sifu, won a Gold Medal and became a Grand Champion of 9th Wong Fei Hung Cup in Fat Saan, China!

Petr has also received a honorary title Mou Jong Yun (highest rank in the imperial military examinations) and special premium price.

Petr is currently living in Canton with his wife Lenka and daughter Berta and continues his Hung Ga Kyun studies under Grand Master Lam Chun Sing!

Please see the video of his performance below.

Continue reading


Hung Ga Kyun Concepts: Four Sides, Eight Directions

Hung Ga Kyun Concepts: Four Sides, Eight DirectionsPractical Hung Kyun Self-Protection Combat Strategy is often criticised to be violent, ruthless, cruel. We don’t wait for the other guy to attack first  – we strike pre-emptively – fast, accurately, with power, hard, continously and without holding back. Actions beats reaction. We say self-protection on purpose. “Self-defence“ implies that you are already under attack – it is one of the last pieces in the chain of the events in overall self-protection game plan. Getting involved in fight at all is very bad. Being under attack means that things are already going very, very bad. Continue reading