Wong Fei Hung’s Hung Kyun Combat Secrets Poem

Wong Fei Hung's Hung Ga Kyun Combat PoemFollowing martial arts poem (Kyun Kyut) comes from Mok Gwai Laan, last wife of Hung Kyun Grand Master Wong Fei Hung, “founder” of so called “New Hung Kyun” (San Hung Kyun).

It briefly summarizes some of the fighting principles of our system:

Wong Fei Hung's Hung Ga Kyun Combat Poem

Lift and chop, guard the center (Tiu pek wu jung)
Frontally break in and destroy (Jing min dat po)
Cleverly enter fom the side gate (Haau yap pin mun)
Penetrate, dodge, seal and intercept (Chyun sim fung jit)
Continually advance and attack (Lin waan jeun gik)
Close in every step and press (Bou bou gan bik)
Attack and defense change one into another (Gung fong gaau tai)

(Translated by Pavel Macek sifu of Practical Hung Kyun)

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