Another Photo Discovery: Is this REAL Wong Fei Hung?

Wong Fei Hung PhotoWe have thouroughly examined the so called “photo of Wong Fei Hung” in one of our previous articles. The conclusion was clear: it is not photo of Wong Fei Hung, but photo of one of his sons, Wong Hon Hei.

But guess what – we have another candidate, and this time it seems that much more reliable!

The photo on the left was found in Hong Kong in 2005 by a gentleman from Municipal Museum. At the back of the photo was written:

Portrait of Wong Fei Hung – Kwong Kei Tim

There are couple of good reasons that the person on the photo can indeed be Wong Fei Hung:

  • There is a clear resemblance between Wong Fei Hung’s son Wong Hon Hei and the person on the photo.
  • Kwong Kei Tim was Wong Fei Hung’s disciple and he definitely couldn’t  confuse Wong Hon Hei with Wong Fei Hung.
  • It seems that there are some “pockmarks” (scars left on the skin after the healing of a smallpox). According to some sources one of Wong Fei Hung’s nicknames was “Pockmark Yeung”. Wong Fei Hung’s original name was Wong Sek Yeung (Yeung being the last part of his name).

Mok Gwai Laan once said that Wong Fei Hung was quite superstitious. He believed that taking photos could shorten one’s life so he took a picture of himself only once during his whole life.

Can it be that this is the true photo of Wong Feihung?

Wong Fei Hung Photo

  • (Left): Is this realy Wong Fei Hung?
  • (Middle): Wong Hon Hei, Wong Fei Hung’s 4th son – this photo is mistakenly presented by some people an even Masters as Wong Fei Hung, although it has been prooven that it is defininetyl not Wong Fei Hung
  • (Right): Later photo of Wong Hon Hei

Note: Special thanks to Ivan Rzounek Sifu (Wing Chun Research) and Petr Vrána for translation of the original article.

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