Fiction or Truth? Chinese Martial Arts, MMA and „Power of Less“

Hung Ga Kyun, Wing Chun, MMA

Hung Ga vs. Wing Chun!

Ready….. FIGHT! 

Check out a short video from a successful martial arts movie The Grandmaster. Of course, just a a movie, BUT – in every Gung Fu movie there is a grain of truth.

Watch the video and read our commentary below!

After the initial exchange, Yip Man says: „Separate“ (Fan), „Fix“ (Ding), „Inch“ (Chyun) – Hung Kyun!

The opponent replies: “Ngo Da Jaap Ga!”, lit. „I fight/practice mixed families“.

And actually, he is right. Today’s Hung Kyun is a mix of various Southern systems – Southern Siu Lam Kyun, Old Hung Kyun, Hap Ga, Mok Ga, Choi Lei Fat etc. The same could be said about virtually every (Chinese) “traditional” martial arts style.

Later, the “Hung Ga” fighter boasts: „Our style has 64 techniques, thousand changes, ten thousands variations . Your Wing Cheun has only Taan, Bong, Fuk. How can you fight with this?

Yip Man replies: “Three is enough”.

“Thousands changes, ten thousand variations” (Chin Bin Maan Fa) is an important concept, but – variations of few reliable techniques. In Practical Hung Kyun we like to say “same, but different” – important concept I have learned from my strength Master Pavel Tsatsouline.

When martial arts get worse? When you start to add new material just for the sake of adding. To be ready for everything means to be ready for nothing. General, fool proof and simple game, fast to execute, is much better, especially for reality-based self-defense. The aim is not to be complex, but simple and efficient – simplex, not complex.

Chinese martial arts maxim says: “Do not fear somebody who knows thousand techniques – fear the one who can execute one technique well.” And that is one of the secrets of success of the PHK Intro Kit‘s students – well selected, reliable techniques and time tested training methodology.

Choose well, train smart.

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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