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Question: Pavel Macek Sifu, Hello!

Congratulations to your webpage. I have studied the Hung system, but unfortunately, my mentor has passed away.

I know that Grand Master Lam Sai Wing has written 3 books on Hung Ga Kyun. I have also heard that there is a fourth book, dedicated to special training methods.

Do you know this book please? Where can it be obtained?


Fabian U.

 Answer:  As for so called “Lam Sai Wing’s Manuals”, there are many misconceptions .

First of all, none of them was written by Lam Sai Wing – most of them were written by his student Jyu Yu Jai, with help of other classmates.

“Tiger and Crane Double Form” was published cca. in 1923, “Taming of the Tiger in Gung Pattern Set” in 1936 (available here), “Iron Thread Set” was written and published after Grand Master’s death, in 1950’s. First two books are very interesting, the third one seems to be little of value.

In 1996, Cantonese writter named Laung Daat re-wrote all 3 book and compiled fourth one, called “Extraordinary Book of Tiger Crane School’s Complete Skills” (Fu Hok Mun Chyun Gung Bit Kap) which is the one you are probably looking for. Google 虎鹤门全功秘笈 and you will find the book for purchase (Chinese version only).

We have the book in our archives, both in paper version as well as .pdf scan. We have prepared a sample of the book (first 50 pages, in .pdf) for you to download so you can have an idea how the book looks like. (Please do not send us messages asking for complete book – we are not distributing it).

Unfortunately, Leung Daat is not a Hung Kyun practioner and his versions are full of fabrications, exaggerations and misconceptions. They cannot be taken as true reflection of Lam Sai Wing’s teaching mehods or even Hung Kyun training methodology in general.

Many Westerners eg. use Leung Daat’s list of “Ten Killing Hands” or “Eight Aggressive Techniques”, but I am affraid they are just recently made up lists of little or no value, as confirmed by many Hung Kyun Grand Masters both from Hong Kong (my lineage) or Canton (eg. Dang Yi – Ho Wa lineage).

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practival Hung Kyun

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