Practical Hung Kyun Kicking Drill (Video + Tutorial)

Hung Ga Kyun Kicks“Old Hung Kyun” did not have any kicks at all – one of the traditional sayings even goes “Kick misses 9 times of 10.

Wong Fei Hung obviously thought differently, and has included few reliable kicking techniques from various systems. His “No Shadow Kick” skill was well feared among the fighters in Southern China.

We have recently posted a short video of one of the kicking drills from our Practical Hung Kyun curriculum. Although it looks simple, it features few very important principles and concepts.

See the video below and read a short tutorial, which shows our PHK methodology and approach. 

  • Attacker makes a feint (“Shadow Hand”, Ying Sau) and delivers a kick, either front kick (“Heart Piercing Kick”, Chyun Sam Geuk) or a side kick (“Tiger Tail Kick”, Fu Mei Geuk). The setup is critical – it follows the principle of “Top Shadow, Kick Below” (Ying Seung Da Ha).
  • Defender steps to the side and scoops the attacker’s kicking leg. He doesn’t only scoop it, but also pulls a bit, so when the attacker’s leg hits the ground, it is weighted and easy to sweep.
  • Defender uses “Hook Sweeping Kick” (Kau Sou Geuk) to kick tha attacker’s Achilles tendon. He keeps his hands up, as one of the counters is to spin and use Jong Cheui (a counter from the “Taming the Tiger Sparring Set”), or elbow, or backfist.
  • Attacker lifts his leg to avoid the sweep, and the drill goes on.

This is just a first drill from a whole series of kicking drills. Following drills cover various “what if scenarios” and variations: what if he falls? What if he doesn’t? How to use of the “Spring Kick” (Taan Geuk) to sweep the opponent? When and how to use of the groin kick after the scoop? How to use of the hand attack sequence after the scoop? Etc. Etc.

Because we use protective gear, the drill can be done full speed, full power – a fighter can’t afford to injure himself in training. Leave the shin conditioning for another session.

Would you like us to post more PHK instructional clips like this? 

Train realistically, train smart. 

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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