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Applying the Bridging Techniques of Hung Ga

Applying the Bridging Techniques of Hung Ga

The Hung Ga system is well known for its “Iron bridge hand training”. Traditionally, there are twelve distinct Hung Ga bridge hand methods, each having a different shape, associated technique and mode of practice. The various bridge hand techniques are exemplified in different classical Hung Ga forms (Tit Sin Kyun, Gung Ji Fuk Fu Kyun, etc.). Amongst Hung Ga practitioners, the Twelve Bridges are a continual source of conversation, intrigue and even confusion. Continue reading

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Branding vs. System in Martial Arts

Traditional Martial Arts vs. MMA

The internet bombards us with all of the different martial arts, each with their unique branding and message. They are all about ‘lifestyles’ and each art or style seems to have an associated ‘lifestyle’, whether Tai Chi, Muay Thai, BJJ, MMA, Krav Maga, Kali or whatever, they all seem very distinct in their culture, approach and message.

A recent article by Rickson Gracie (read HERE) criticises modern MMA. He says it is basically a thug culture, and you would not send your child to MMA, however, BJJ was different because it taught positive values, respect etc. I believe there is some truth in this, but disagree on a number of levels. Continue reading

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Do you train with Hung Ga Iron or Brass Rings?

Hung Ga Iron or Brass Rings?

One of the things that drew me many years ago to Hung Ga was the use of Iron Rings.

Because of my attraction to the idea of training with the Ring, I searched for posts and literature on them.  I have read many documents and posts about why people think they are a valuable training tool and also why many people think that they are pointless or have been superseded by modern tools.

Even between the two lineages of Hung Ga Kyun in which I have trained my two different Sifu’s have had different views as to which forms you are allowed to use them to train with. Continue reading

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How to Unlock Your Martial Power

How to Unlock Your Martial Power

For the martial artist looking to improve his craft, there are a few bare essentials you need – apart from your actual martial arts practice – that will help propel you toward and beyond your goals.  A healthy level of strength and a good program for all-over conditioning.

The more time you spend doing other exercises, the less time you get to practice your art.  And each strength and conditioning movement you practice should ideally have a strong carryover into your striking, kicking, grappling, etc. Continue reading

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Hung Ga Story: The Year of the Iron Wire

Hung Ga Story: The Year of the Iron Wire“Iron Wire Set” (Tit Sin Kyun), one of the “Three Treasures”, secret and most advanced internal set of Hung Kyun’s curriculum.

Very few had the rare opportunity to learn it – Alberto Biraghi  was one of the fortunate ones.

Find out more in the sample chapter from his book Hung Ga Story: Me and Master Chan Hon Chung: Continue reading

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Hung Ga Story: Late Night Training with Cheung Yee Keung

After lunch I went back to the Chung King mansion and take a nap, because I had started training in the night, too. After the first day I realized that Cheung Yee Keung often trained after dinner. He came back at 10:15 PM from the jeans store in Argyle Street where he worked, had a light dinner (usually some food bought on the street, in Hong Kong most of the meals were consumed at the restaurants, the rest are mainly street food), do some work like cleaning his room, washing the clothes etc., then train. It was a great chance for me to have him at my total disposal, nobody else was training so late, so I sat in Sifu’s office watching TV or flipping through a magazine, or put on the kung fu trousers and do over and over what I had learned in the morning, until he came down in his kung fu trousers for his training set.

Hung Ga Story: Late Night Training with Cheung Yee Keung

Continue reading

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Book Review: Hung Ga Story – Me and Master Chan Hon Chung

Hung Ga Story Sample PageThe cover photo of Grand Master Chan Hon Chung performing the classic salute posture captures his enthusiasm and genuine joy in sharing his knowledge of Kung Fu.  The reader can’t help but be drawn to want to know more about this man, more specifically, what is it about Chinese Kung Fu that brings him such joy.

The contents page chapter titles read like an initiation process; explaining a well-structured, steady and gradual immersion of the author (and through him the reader) into the authentic Kung Fu life.  In reading the chapter titles one is impulsively tempted to skip to the chapters whose titles are more exciting and enticing, only to become just as enthused in reading the preceding chapters to get a better understanding of the one just read. Continue reading

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Hung Ga Story: First Time in Hon Chung Gym

Hung Ga Story: First Time in Hon Chung Gym

Hung Ga Story: Me and Master Chan Hon Chung: exclusive excerpt from Alberto Biraghi’s excellent book!

Hung Ga Story is a memoir of Alberto Biraghi and his martial arts journey.

Alberto studied the traditional Hung Ga Kyun in Hong Kong with the late Grand Master Chan Hon Chung, spending with him more than a month per year from 1977 until the closing of his historic gym at 729 of Nathan Road.

Are you curious about traditional Gung Fu training in Hong Kong in 1970’s and 1980’s? Well, read on! 

Learning the Hung style was not easy in 1977, especially if you were Italian.

I knew nothing about Gung Fu apart from what I saw in a few movies, neither did I know about Chinese culture. In these miserable condition I entered a temple of knowledge and tradition and to make it worse, Benjamin Fung introduced me as “an Italian karate expert who wants to checkout Chinese Gung Fu”. As you can understand the first welcome was kind of cold and suspicious (I didn’t realize it immediately, I was told a month later by the students, after friendship had been established, that no presentation could have been worse in that community). Continue reading

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Perspectives on the Role of Practical Fighting in Chinese Martial Arts, Part 2

This is part of my continuing series of articles discussing the practical training and application of Chinese martial arts. While their intent is not to insult, they are indeed intended to make the reader reexamine what they practice and how they practice it.

Perspectives on the Role of Practical Fighting in Chinese Martial Arts, Part 2

All technique exists in a context. Theory produces concepts, concepts produce techniques. However, all technique is based upon context. The theory and concepts instead are universal. The theory and concept persist. If we focus on the technique, ignoring the context, and ignore the theory and concepts, we do a disservice to our arts. This I believe is one of the major issues facing Chinese martial arts in the modern age. Continue reading

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Hung Ga of Dang Family Lineage

Since Dang Gam Tou, the Dang family has been famous in Canton for the Hap Ga style. Dang Lung was impressed by the style and thought it would suit his son because he was of small build. However Dang Lung was famous for his Hung Ga and was known as the ‘Canton Stick King’.

Dang Family Hung Ga

His Hung Ga had been taught to him by his father, Dang Wai Jong, who in turn learned from his own father, Dang Seui Cheung. Seui Cheung learned directly from Hung Hei Gwun. Thus the Dang Family has an unbroken tradition of Hung Ga directly from the founder of the system. Continue reading

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