Practical Hung Kyun 2013 Résumé and Plans for 2014

Practical Hung Kyun 2013-2014

 Practical Hung Kyun 2014: What is Coming Next?

  • More exciting books on the way – Hung Ga Story: Me and Master Chan Hon Chung by Alberto Biraghi Sifu; A” – translation of an old book by Lam Sai Wing’s disciple Jyu Yu Jai; 10 Questions of Beginners – 10 Answers of Old Chinese Masters by Pavel Macek Sifu; Secrets of Hung Kyun – collection of old articles, and other books
  • Chinese Martial Arts Fundamental Training Ecourse – online series of 18 videos  and accompanying manuals
  • Rare videos from our research trips to Hong Kong and China, short Practical Hung Kyun instructional videos with extra tips & tricks
  • Launch of our Practical Hung Kyun Eshop Affiliate Program (join now, support our authors and publication projects and make money online; download the manual HERE!)
  • Practical Hung Kyun Intensive Training Courses: Fundamental Training; Street Self-Protection; Combat Theory & Application; Free Sparring System; Anti-Grappling: Counter MMA for the Street; Strength & Conditioning etc.
  • …and couple of other suprises, too soon talk about them!

 It has been a wonderful and highly succesful year – instructors, disciples, friends, fans, thank you!

Special thanks to Lam Chun Sing Sifu and Michael Goodwin Daai Si Hing!

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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