[VIDEO] Dang Family Hung Kyun: “Smashing and Hitting Set” (Jong Da Kyun)

Dang Family Hung Kyun 鄧家洪拳: "Smashing and Hitting Set" (Jong Da Kyun 撞打拳) | Practical Hung Kyun

This is one of the original forms, and was the first form taught in the Dang Family Hung Ga curriculum. The form is much shorter than Gung Ji Fuk Fu Kyun, comprising of less than one hundred moves.

The special characteristic of this form is the Pou Kyun or chamber of the hand, this is with the elbow in to the side, rather than the fist held at the waist. The Dyun Kiu (Short Bridge) is used for all of the hand techniques in the set, including fist strikes and palms (shovel palms, butterfly palms and others).

The technique that gives the set its name is thrown after first smashing down on the bridge of the opponent, and then rebounding into a short uppercut strike.

– David Rogers Sifu, Rising Crane Centre

Dang Family Hung Kyun 鄧家洪拳: “Smashing and Hitting Set” (Jong Da Kyun 撞打拳) | Practical Hung Kyun [VIDEO]

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