Hung Ga of Dang Family Lineage

Since Dang Gam Tou, the Dang family has been famous in Canton for the Hap Ga style. Dang Lung was impressed by the style and thought it would suit his son because he was of small build. However Dang Lung was famous for his Hung Ga and was known as the ‘Canton Stick King’.

Dang Family Hung Ga

His Hung Ga had been taught to him by his father, Dang Wai Jong, who in turn learned from his own father, Dang Seui Cheung. Seui Cheung learned directly from Hung Hei Gwun. Thus the Dang Family has an unbroken tradition of Hung Ga directly from the founder of the system.

Like other branches, the aeng Family has Gung Ji Fuk Fu kKun, Tit Sin Kyun and more recently also Fu Hok Seung Ying Kyun (Dang Lung was friends with Wong Fei Hung). However, there are a few sets that may be unique to the Dang Family branch. In this article I would like to introduce three of these sets to the Hung Ga community.

Jong Da Kyun

Dang Family Hung GaThis is one of the original forms, and was the first form taught in the Dang Family Hung Ga curriculum. The form is much shorter than Gung Ji Fuk Fu Kyun, comprising of less than one hundred moves.

The special characteristic of this form is the Pou Kyun or chamber of the hand, this is with the elbow in to the side, rather than the fist held at the waist. The Dyun Kiu (Short Bridge) is used for all of the hand techniques in the set, including fist strikes and palms (shovel palms, butterfly palms and others).

The technique that gives the set its name is thrown after first smashing down on the bridge of the opponent, and then rebounding into a short uppercut strike.

Hung Kyun Deui Lin

This is a two person sparring set. It is composed of six short sections and uses the techniques of the Jong Da form. The attacks are linear and aggressive, with the emphasis on crashing the bridge and entering the opponent’s stance. Mostly using hand techniques, the set does also uses the ‘Tiger Tail Kick’ and the ‘Iron Broom Sweep’.

Sap Saam Cheung Gwan

This is the single ended staff form that earned Dang Long the nickname of ‘Canton Stick King’. It is a long set, utilizing all of the major stick techniques including: Cover, smash, leak, parry, thrust, bounce, throat locking, expose, cut, throw, press, plunge, whip, pluck and drag. The set was practiced with a very long, heavy pole for Gung training (conditioning of the core strength, wrists, arms and developing striking power). I believe this form was one of the influences for the Ng Long Baat Gwa Gwan that is practiced in the Lam Sai Wing lineages.

Here is a video showing samples from the three sets:

Here is a video explaining a few applications from the ‘Jong Da’ form, showing the ‘short bridge’ principle:

Here is a video explaining some moves from the Sap Saam Cheung Gwan. This is the long pole form:

I hope everybody enjoyed seeing and learning about one of the schools of Hung Ga that, although famous in Canton, is not very well known in the west.

About the Author: David Rogers Sifu runs the ‘Rising Crane Centre’ which is a full time school of Chinese martial arts and a clinic of acupuncture. He has trained Kung Fu since 1984, and is a graduate of the ‘South China School of Martial Arts’ in Canton and the ‘College of Integrated Chinese Medicine’. He is a disciple of Deng Jan Gong, who is the 5th generation Kung Fu master in his family and a Chinese National Champion.

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