12th Practical Hung Kyun Summer Training Camp

12th Practical Hung Kyun Summer Training CampMorning training sessions started at 9 AM with „Fundamental Training“ (Gei Bun Gung): Breathing exercises („Eight internal Longevity Forms“, Noi Sau Baat Sik), „Eight Stances“ (Baat Ma Sik), „Stance Training“ (Jaat Ma) and footwork drills (Jau Ma).

We have concentrated especially on the most important offensive and defensive footwork patterns, ie. „Three Stars Steps“ (Saam Sing Bou) and „Fish Tail Step“ (Yu Mei Bou) – first just steps, later with attacks/counter-attacks.

Combative Mindset and Developing the „Heavy Hand“

PRactical Hung Kyun Summer Camp 2013Main subject of the morning sessions were selected drills from “Ten Unique Techniques” (Sap Duk Sau) plus few other “special techniques” (Jyut Sau).

Following our Practical Hung Kyun methodology, we have covered shadow boxing drills (Saan Sik), focus mitts drills as well as application drills and reality-based self-defense scenarios.

The emphasis was on threat recognition, non-offensive „guard“, pro-active „self-defense“, pre-emptive strike and developing „heavy hand“ striking combinations.

The rest of the technical work was spent on “Cross Pattern Plum Flower Set” (Sap Ji Mui Fa Kyun) and “Six and Half Point Long Pole” (Luk Dim Bun Gwan) preliminary exercises, drills and set, subjects of 1st and 2nd Kap of our Practical Hung Kyun curriculum.

Conditioning is the King

Practical Hung Kyun Summer Camp 2013Morning programem concluded with introduction to special running program for martial arts, so called „Art of Thousand Steps“ (Chin Bou Gung) – correct posture, running and sprinting technique, breathing, schedule and program. Very important especially for our Practical Hung Kyun fighters.

„Three Stars Conditioning“ (Da Saam Sing), salute, showers, lunch and rest.

Get Strong First!

Afternoon training sessions started at 4 PM with advanced bodyweight strength and conditioning for martial arts – one arm pushups, one legged squats, pullups and bridges.

Practical Hung Kyun Summer Camp 2013

All bodyweight drills were field stripped to the basics and taught prom the easiest progressions to the most difficult ones – „from zero to hero“. Many of the participants were able to do their first legitimate one-arm pushup or single-legged squat (poeticaly called „Red Child Bows to the Goddess of Mercy“). Everybody got later a conceise manual with specific strength and conditioning program for next months.

Sharp Edge!

Practical Hung Kyun Summer Camp 2013Second afternoon block was dedicated – of course – to usage. Every self-defense system has to take in account the threat of edged weapon attack, so we have dedicated the first block to has first taught basic weapon self-defense drills against knife. To ingrain the threat recognition principles and offensive/defensive skills, the participants kept their training knives when the session ended, and they could attack any of the participants from another team during the 30 minutes window before and after the training sessions.

Chinese Boxing and Fencing

Practical Hung Kyun Summer Camp 2013Main program of the afternoon lessons were application drills, sparring drills, self defense scenarios and full contact sparring, based on the morning program – of course, not only „sport“ one-on-one fighting. Combat training was physicaly very demanding – it is designed to train both the fighting skills as well as „guts“. Never give up, never surrender!

We have also succefully launched our free fencing program with “Six and Half Point Long Pole” (Luk Dim Bun Gwan) with specialy designed long poles, eliminating the need of expensive protective gear, and worked not only on various application drills, but free fencing as well. Afternoon sesison ended with simple minimalistic stretching program (Yau Gung).

Practical Hung Kyun Summer Camp 2013

Teacher, Method, Student

Thanks to all participants of the camp – to paraphraze the well known saying, smart work pays off.

Training methodology and progressive, logical teaching system is Practical Hung Kyun’s trademark and key to the success. That is the reason why our students learn in a week „more“ than other Chinese martial arts practioners in years. Well, they actually learn much less, but get better much, much faster.

No trial error, no wasting time with unimportant things, no promises, no bullshit – RESULTS!

Tek, Da, Seut, Na – Sat Yung Hung Kyun!

Pavel Macek Sifu

PS: See the extesive photogallery at our official Practical Hung Kyun Facebook Fanpage! Special thanks to our Gung Fu friends and training brothers from Ivan Rzounek’s Wing Chun Research.

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