Rare Photo of Grand Master Lam Sai Wing Has Just Been Discovered!

Rare Photo of Grand Master Lam Sai Wing Has Just Been Discovered!

Practical Hung Kyun proudly presents new discovery – rare photo of Grand Master Lam Sai Wing, performing a technique from the famous “Iron Thread Set” (Tit Sin Kyun).

The photo comes from a cover of an old martial arts pulp stories magazine “King of the Martial Arts Stories”, published in 1952. Credit and special thanks to Mr. Ng Hou for sharing the photo. We will restore the photo with the modern photo editing software and share it with all Hung Ga practitioners and researchers. 

A short story: When I was in Hong Kong in 1999, attending late Grand Master Lam Jou’s 89th birthday, I remember one of the gentleman showing me a small martial arts manual (Kyun Pou) about “Iron Thread Set” (Tit Sin Kyun) written by Jyu Yuk Jai, disciple of Grand Master Lam Sai Wing.

We all Hung Ga Kyun fans all have the modern reprint with the drawings – but this one was original, with photos (!) of Grand Master, not drawings. I have not seen it since that time.

Time from time, a new photo of Grand Master Lam is discovered and shared. We sincerely hope that one day the full photo edition will emerge to the surface and will be re-published for the benefit and further research of all Hung Kyun practitioners. Let our motto be “Scholar-Warrior” – Man Mou Seung Chyun.

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Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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