Hung Kyun‘s “Four Fingers Supporting Heaven” Poem

Hung Ga Kyun Lam Sai Wing Iron Bridge“Four Fingers Supporting Heaven” (Sei Ji Chaang Tin) is one of the orthodox Hung Ga Kyun’s “Bridge Hands” (Kiu Sau) training methods.

Is serves as complimentary static “internal” exercise to the “Three Extensions, Threading the Pearls” (Saam Jin Lin Jyu) and develops the „Iron Bridge“, finger strength and overall bodily strength.

Following twenty-eight character mnemonic poem is citing the Venerable Master “Iron Arms” (Tit Bei Sim Si) in his endorsement of this technique:

Four Fingers Supporting Heaven is heavenly indeed (Sei Ji Chaang Tin Tin Seung Tin),

Sink the elbows in line with the shoulders are true words (Cham Jaang Deui Bok Si Jan Yin);

One cannot say Hung’s boxing lacks extraordinary methods (Mok Wa Hung Kyun Mou Miu Faat),

As the Venerable Master Iron Arms himself once said (Tit Bei Sim Si Ya Si Yin).

Sim Si is an honorific title for a Buddhist monk in the Dhyana Mahayana Buddhist tradition. The term Dhyana, or Sim (Cantonese) is more commonly known in the West by its Japanese name, Zen.

Hung Ga Kyun Lam Sai Wing Iron BridgeVenerable Master “Iron Arms” was the popular name given for the monk “Three Virtues” (Saam Dak Wo Seung), disciple of the Venerable Master “Highest Good” (Ji Sin Sim Si), and teacher of monk “Perceiving Karma” (Gwok Yan Wo Seung), who was, in turn, teacher of the famous master “Iron Bridge Three” (Tit Kiu Saam).

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Translation: Michael Goodwin Sifu, The San Francisco Hung Gar Association

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