Principles and Usage of “Hungry Tiger Catches the Lamb” (Ngo Fu Kam Yeung)

Practical Hung Kyun - Principles and Usage of "Hungry Tiger Catches the Lamb" (Ngo Fu Kam Yeung)“Double, Single and Black Tiger Claws” (Seung Daan Hak Fu Jaau) and its various combinations belong to seed techniques of our Pratical Hung Kyun combat arsenal. Fierce and ruthless mindset as well as practical usage and adaptability of “Tiger Form” (Fu Ying) fits very well with our pro-active and aggressive approach to self-defence.

For now some theory from the old masters – we bring you translation of number 61 from a “Tiger and Crane Double Form Set” book, written by Jyu Yu Jai, disciple of Grand Master Lam Sai Wing. It describes some of the principles od “Double Tiger Claws” (Seung Fu Jaau) and “Single Tiger Claws” (Daan Fu Jaau) as well as one of the possible applications of their combination:

The hand technique of „Hungry Tiger Catches the Lamb“ (Ngo Fu Kam Yeung): Whenever using „Tiger Form“ (Fu Ying) method, you have to „lean forward, sink in the stance“ (Taan Yiu Lok Ma). If you use left claw, you have to be in right stance, right claw uses left stance. „Grabbing Hand“ (Kam Sau ) is bent like a wing, “Claw Hand”  (Jaau Sau) uses the forearm, and is exactly opposite to your nose. This is „Tiger Form“ method.

If the enemy attacks with his „Middle Fist“ (Jung Kyun), i use „Double Tiger Claws“ to grab him, using „Hungry Tiger Catches the Lamb“ technique. If he is fierce and strong and is not knocked down, i „rake“ (Pa) his hand and hit his center, changing into „Single Tiger Emerging from its Den“ (Daan Fu Cheut Dung).

Translated by Pavel Macek sifu of Practical Hung Kyun

Photo: Grand Master Ho Lap Tin performing “Double Tiger Claws” (Seung Fu Jaau)

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