Wong Fei Hung’s “Seven Stars Continuous Smashing Strikes” [Rare Video]

Wong Fei Hung's "Seven Stars Continuous Smashing Strikes" [Rare Video]

Hung Ga’s “Seven Stars Continuous Smashing Strikes” (Chat Sing Lin Waan Kau) is a famous “long Bridge” boxing combination from “Tiger & Crane Double Forms” Set. It was supposedly #7 of Wong Fei Hung’s „Ten Lethal Bare Hand Techniques“ (Sap Duk Sau).

The techniques of “Seven  Stars Continuous Smashing Strikes” are:

  • „Throw Balls in Waves“, also called “One Star Throwing Punch”
  • “Water Wawe Throwing Strike”, also called “Two Stars Throwing Punch”
  • „Whirlwind Smashes Waves“ , also called “Continuous Smashing and Covering”
  • “Great Immortal Lifts Pot”, also called “Continuous Lifting Uppercut”
  • “Thrust Punch from Sleeves”, also called “Arrow Punch Under Armpit”

Check out a rare video from an old Wong Fei Hung movie (1956) featuring this famous combo:

Hung Ga’s „Ten Lethal Bare Hand Techniques“ (Sap Duk Sau) #7: “Seven Stars Continuous Smashing Strikes” 

Few Remarks: 

  • Notice the 2 guards before the actual combo – “One Finger Lead Hand“ (with the rear hand in the upper position – lead hand in a “Two Finger” formation?) and “Beggar Asks for Rice”, famous Wong Fei Hung’s pre-combat posture.
  • The techniques originaly come from Hap Ga. Kwan Tak-Hing was actualy a Tibetan White Crane practitioner, not Hung Ga Kyun practitioner.
  • Last technique seems to be an uppercut as well, not a straight punch as in our Chat Sing Lin Waan Kau. We actually usually follow with a barrage of straight arrow punches.
  • The combination ends in a typical Hap Ga posture as well.

Interesting piece of history, isn’t it? “Long Bridges” are part of our specialised curriculum. Make sure to master the fundamental Southern Chinese boxing first, as taught in our PHK Intro Kit, and than start to work on adding some special hands, such as “Seven Stars”.

Do you know who plays the young apprentice of Grand Master Wong Fei Hung?

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