Video: Practical Hung Kyun Wrestling Techniques (Seut Faat)

Hung Ga Kyun Wrestling/Takedowns

Hung Ga Kyun’s “Taming the Tiger in Gung Pattern Set” (Gung Ji Fuk Fu Kyun) contains many useful wrestling/counter-wrestling techniques, such as “Iron Broom Kick” (Tit Sou Ba Geuk) “(Three Stars) Hook and Spring Kick” ([Saam Sing] Kau Taan Geuk), both “Big and Small Hook and Spring” (Daai Siu Kau Taan) “Unicorn Steps Footwork” (Jau Kei Leun Bou), “Bring the Horse Back to the Stable”/”Hungry Horse Rings the Bell” (Dai Ma Gwai Chou/Ngo Ma Yiu Ling) etc.

Check out some samples of the “Wrestling/Takedown Techniques” (Seut Faat) drills from our Practical Hung Kyun curriculum.

 The video was shot in one of our branch schools, Practical Hung Kyun Gym Jihlava, led by Michal Hink, good friend and long time student of Pavel Macek Sifu.

(Photo on the top: Grand Master Chan Hon Jung performs “Unicorn Step, Butterfly Palms”)

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