Practical Hung Kyun Drills: Fighting Multiple Opponents (Video)

Practical Hung Kyun Drills: Fighting Multiple Opponents (Video)

Traditional Chinese maxim says: “two fists are no match against four hands” (Seung Kyun Bat Dik Sei Sau). Indeed – apart from an armed assailant, one of the worst case self-defense scenarios is dealing with multiple opponents.

Practical Hung Kyun sparring drills cover not only regular one on one sparring, but various self-protection scenarios, too – including dealing with multiple attackers.

Check out a glimpse from our regular lessons – short video presenting so called “Lok Sin Theatre Battle Drill” (you can read more about Lok Sin Theatre fight in Lam Sai Wing Memorial Book, available HERE).

Practical Hung Kyun: Fighting Multiple Opponents (YouTube video)

Few notes:

  • The drill assumes that the “defender” can’t run away, or get armed, or de-escalate.
  • The “defender’s” positioning and footwork is a key – he doesn’t allow the attackers to flank him, surround him, or grab him. He use principles of “Side Door Footwork” (Jau Jak Mun).
  • The “defender” doesn’t wait for any of the opponents to strike first – he “defends by attacking” (Yi Gung Wai Siu).
  • The “defender” deals with the aggressors one by one, using simple techniques/combos from “Taming of the Tiger in Gung Pattern” (“Arhat Strikes the Bell”, “Ox Horn Punch”, “Cannon Through the Sky”, “Continuous Cradle and Strike”, “Three Stars Continuous Strikes”… ) as well as “Seven Stars Continuous Strikes” from the “Tiger and Crane Double Form Set”.
  • On one occasion he grabs one of the attackers, uses him as a whiled, delivers fast knee to the groin, and continues with other aggressors.
  • Notice that when the “defender” turns around, he does so with a strike, be it Gwa Cheui or Bin Cheui. In other drills we also use rear elbow strike (Ding Jaang) as well – here it wouldn’t be safe for the sparring partners.

Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

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