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“Old Hung Ga Kyun” vs. “New Hung Ga Kyun”

Old Hung Ga KyunQuestion: “Old Hung Kyun”, also called “Village Hung Kyun”, vs. today’s most widely spread lineage of Grand Master Wong Fei Hung.

Can you please summarizes their brief history, connections, development and techniques of the “Old Hung Ga” and “Modern Hung Ga”?

Answer: This month’s Hung Kyun question wasn’t raised by a single individual, but actually by many of you. I have received many quests regarding the “Old Hung Kyun” as a response to our regular Practical Hung Kyun Newsletter, on Facebook, as well as various discussion forums.

Please check out the brief analysis and comparison between old and new Hung Ga Kyun, their connections, development, techniques and fighting strategy below! Continue reading


“Twelve Bridge Hands” of Hung Ga

“Twelve Bridge Hands” of Hung Ga

Question: Hello Sifu, thank you for the excellent information you are sharing at Practical Hung Kyun blog. I am studying Hung Gar Kung Fu for more almost ten years, but I must to say that your approach completely changed my approach to the art, its training and application. In last few months, I have progressed faster than in last few years. I am doing less stuff, but better, as you have suggested.

I have heard my instructor to talk about so called Twelve Bridges, but when I asked for more information, I unfortunately did not get any. I was told that it was lost and secret art….

I have noticed that you have mentioned Twelve Bridges on various occasions. Can you please briefly summarize the theory behind Twelve Bridges of Hung Gar?

Thank you.

Javier E.  Continue reading


Hung Ga Umbrella

Wong Fei Hung: Hung Ga Kyun UmbrellaQuestion: Sifu,  I have a question. I have found out that Wong Fei Hung used an umbrella as a weapon.

Do you know any form and application of an umbrella, or is lost?

Thank you!

Andrea C.

Answer: According to historical accounts, an umbrella was actually one of the favorite weapons of Wong Kei Ying, Wong Fei Hung’s father, not Wong Fei Hung. Please see an entertaining video below, from a legendary movie Iron Monkey.

Wong Kei Ying is played by Donnie Yen, and gives a nice show of an umbrella fighting. Continue reading


Is Hung Kyun Slow? Grand Master Lam Jou Defeats the Challenger

Hung Ga Kyun Grand Master Lam ChoQuestion: Dear Sifu, thank you for all the great articles. I really appreciate all the interesting information you are publishing on your website.

I know you have spend a lot of time in China and Hong Kong, learning from your Sifu Lam Chun Sing. You were also fortunate to meet his father, legendary Grand Master Lam Cho. Can  you please share some story from the old times you have heard from the late Grand Master?

With respect

Damian C.

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Hung Ga Wrestling Techniques

Hung Ga Kyun Wrestling Takedown TechniquesQuestion: We know that traditional kung fu covert 4 aspects: striking, kicking, seizing, wrestling.

I practice wrestling with friends some time , and with my stance work (cat stance , horse stance and bow and arrow stance )I score most of the time even against high level Judoka ( they told me they don t understand how I move ). I take the time to root my feet to the ground and have low gravity center.

I want to know if you have made a reaserch about Hung Gar wrestling? If you have made a reaserch about it, are you going to make a article about it?

Thank you


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Fourth Lam Sai Wing’s Manual?

Lam Sai Wing books

Question: Pavel Macek Sifu, Hello!

Congratulations to your webpage. I have studied the Hung system, but unfortunately, my mentor has passed away.

I know that Grand Master Lam Sai Wing has written 3 books on Hung Ga Kyun. I have also heard that there is a fourth book, dedicated to special training methods.

Do you know this book please? Where can it be obtained?


Fabian U.

 Answer:  As for so called “Lam Sai Wing’s Manuals”, there are many misconceptions .

First of all, none of them was written by Lam Sai Wing – most of them were written by his student Jyu Yu Jai, with help of other classmates. Continue reading


Flexibility Training for Martial Arts

Flexibility and stretching for martial artsQuestion:  What I am struggling with the most is gaining flexibility . Any suggestion in that particular area is most welcome.

Charles H.

Answer: Flexibility and mobility training is one fo the most important aspects of martial arts training, yet greatly misunderstood as well.

Practitioners waste a lot of time on unimportant and basically useless exercises and aims, like achieving a side split – absolutely not necessary for Hung Kyun or most other martial arts, with exception of Taekwondo and similar styles.

On the other hand, martial artists often neglect other, much more important areas, like ankles, hip flexors, hamstrings, pelvic floor or thoratic spine. Continue reading


Training the Hung Ga Pillar Sets and How to Progress without a Training Partner

Question: How much progress can one make with the first three of the four pillar forms (Gung Ji Fuk Fu Kyun, Fu Hok Seung Ying Kyun and Sap YIng Kyun)? As I mentioned I have moved away from my Sifu and impending family responsibilities prevent me from spending large amounts of time with him, which is needed to learn Tid Sin Kyun.

Mark V.

Answer: I have few recommendations and tips, presuming you have no traing partners (yet): Continue reading


„Iron Thread Set“ (Tit Sin Kyun) – Just for Strength and Health?

Hung Ga Kyun "Iron Thread Set" (Tit Sin Kyun)Question: I have heard that Tit Sin Kyun is not for fighting, but for training the internal energy and for making the bridge hands stronger and more pliable. I find this to be a contridiction, because Lam Sai Wing treatise indicate that it is the best set to strengthen one for combat. I understand that the movements of set is for manipulating and moving Chi to different parts of the body, but does that mean that the hand have no combat use?

Don H. Continue reading


Wong Fei Hung and Drunken Boxing

Wong Fei Hung and Drunken BoxingQuestion: Is there any evidence of Wong Fei Hung practicing „Drunken style“?

Martin F.

Answer: “Drunken Boxing” (Jeui Kyun) or “Eight Drunken Immortals” (Jeui Baat Sin) belongs to the most spectacular Gung Fu styles or better say sets, as it is actually a single set, not complete style.

First mentions about Wong Fei Hung practicing “Drunken Boxing” emerged in popular Southern Chinese martial arts pulp magazines and radio shows in 1930’s. Wong Fei Hung supposedly learned “Drunken Boxing” from legendary “Beggar” Sou (Sou “Hat Yi”), one of the “Ten Tigers of Gwong Dung” (Gwong Dung Sap Fu). Continue reading